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Lounge area: furniture and advice for achieving the perfect atmosphere

The lounge area in an establishment invites the customer to rest and relax. Creating a pleasant atmosphere is very much in fashion at the moment, as it allows you to enjoy a different experience where you can enjoy a meal or a drink in comfort.

To create such a comfortable space it is essential to choose suitable furniture. In this article, we tell you all you need to know about achieving the perfect atmosphere that will captivate all your customers. 

Essential aspects of a lounge area

The lounge area attempts to recreate a tranquil environment that will allow the customer to relax as if they were at home. To achieve this, you need to pay attention to every element that makes up this space. 

Usually, the furniture chosen for this type of space is minimalist and light in colour. The most important thing is that it should be comfortable furniture, and for this reason, chairs are generally substituted with large sofas, padded stools, and even relaxing loungers in which the customer can relax. 

The right fabric for this type of furniture should be strong and hard-wearing, particularly if it is going to be used outdoors.  This means that it will be able to withstand problems caused by the inclemency of the weather and years of use. It is also important to choose an easy to clean fabric, which will make your work easier and will quickly resolve any common problems, such as a spilled glass of wine or a sauce that is difficult to remove.  

Another important component of the lounge area is the decoration, which should be in keeping with the chosen furniture. Many establishments choose to decorate their areas with complementary furniture that, also serves as entertainment for their customers, such as having a dartboard on the wall so they can play darts, or a pool table where they can pass away the time.

Likewise, a lounge area wouldn’t be the same without two essential components: lighting and music. These are fundamental for recreating a relaxed, tranquil and comfortable atmosphere.

Generally, lighting in lounge spaces is dimmed. Sometimes, there are added elements such as candles or lanterns to help create a warm and cosy atmosphere. The music will match the décor, with pleasant melodies that encourage customers to relax. Depending on the style of your establishment and the taste of you clientele, you could choose various options: from the more conventional styles, such as jazz, the blues or classical music, to more alternative styles such as ambient house or reggae. There are many music styles that will give your establishment the atmosphere it needs.   

Comfortable and hard-wearing sofas for the lounge or chill out are

As we mentioned earlier, you should choose furniture for your lounge space that is appropriate to the needs of the establishment and your clientele. Keep the space available in mind so that you choose the type of furniture that is most suitable for the space. At Ezpeleta, we have everything from single seat sofas for the smaller spaces, to larger lounge chairs for outdoor spaces with pools.  

Also keep in mind the different materials and fabrics that are used in furniture. Your best choice would be materials and fabrics that are very hard-wearing, so that they don’t wear out quickly over time and they don’t become damaged by the rain or sun.  

They should also be fabrics that are easy to clean, as that will save you time and effort. Additionally, we recommend that you use waterproof fabrics that can be dried and cleaned quickly. 

At Ezpeleta, our NAUTIC cushions are made in a nautical waterproof fabric. They are hard-wearing, keep their colour and are easy to clean. These cushions are perfect for outdoor furniture. We also have our AQUA cushions, and these are made from a textilene fabric, a polyester cotton mesh that is very hard-wearing and covered in PVC, which is also a very versatile and tough thermoplastic material.

As for the furniture, our company designs and distributes an extremely varied range for lounge areas, and it is adapted to all types of spaces. 

Among our lounge furniture, you will find our MARINE sofas. These sofas are sold as modules so that you can create your own bespoke seating. We have single, corner and intermediate sofas, which can be combined to your requirements. This way, you can choose the length and shape of the seats and adapt them to the space you have available. And to complement the sofa, we also have poufs and tables made from the same materials.  

Apart from all these elements, you could also add our SIENA room separators into your lounge area. That way you can create spaces that are cosier and more intimate.

Loungers and day beds with which to complete your lounge project

For hotels and other accommodation with terraces and pools, we have specific products such as our VILA lounger. They won’t create any problems with space, as they are stackable, and the high-quality materials make them very easy to maintain. The lounger consists of a coated aluminium structure with fibreglass reinforced polypropylene legs, giving it a great deal of strength. We also use phifertex fabric, which is very easy to clean, is damp-resistant and antibacterial. 

We also have our NANA style loungers. This model is padded, much more spacious, and it is also foldable. It has a coated aluminium structure and the arms that join the profiles are made of polyamide with fibreglass. As with the other models, these loungers are foldable so that your customers can use them when they want. They have a very comfortable cushion which is made with Nautic fabric.  

Apart from these magnificent loungers, at Ezpeleta, we also have our IBIZA daybeds. These come in two sizes and in six different colour combinations for clients to relax in and enjoy the sun. This is a spacious piece of furniture, it is comfortable and has a canopy to protect you from the sun’s rays.

As you can see, at Ezpeleta you will find the ideal furniture with which to decorate your lounge area. We are committed to providing our clients with quality furniture that not only makes your customers feel comfortable but to also makes them feel that they are in an exclusive establishment that offers them a unique and comfortable experience. If you would like further information on our furniture, please can contact us and we will advise you on which distributors to contact in your area. Don’t wait any longer to furnish a unique space within your premises.

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