Monday, 08 Aug 2022

FLEXO, one of the terrace parasols that make the best use of space

The FLEXO parasol from Ezpeleta is the perfect model for gaining space as its side arm makes it the ideal product for the outdoor garden or terrace. Of the terrace parasols, it is one of the easiest to handle, with a height of 2.70 m and a width of 3 m.  

Apart from being one of the terrace parasols that make the best use of space, it also has an innovative anti-wind system and can be rotated 360º. FLEXO is safe, aesthetic and very convenient, as it is also very easy to wash and disinfect.

The materials it is made of provide it with numerous positive features, such as a high resistance to sunlight, resistance to stains and to repelling water. All this is possible because it is made with the OLEFIN fabric, manufactured with polypropylene thread which has been tinted in bulk during the initial manufacturing process.  

The side pole for this parasol is made of aluminium and has a stabilising system that provides greater safety and easier handling. It also has UV standard 801 certification with a UPF of 80, which guarantees protection of the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.  

This product is 100% recyclable and is the ideal choice if you are looking for large terrace parasols to cover large tables, and which are attractive at the same time. That is why FLEXO is also available in many colours and prints, highlighting the “sand” and “white” colours to create light-filled spaces, and prints such as the stripes to give an original touch to your outdoor space.

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