Wednesday, 27 Jul 2022

Tips for choosing the perfect furniture for your coastal terrace

When the good weather arrives, coastal terraces become a must-have. They are an ideal place to combine nature and relaxation, while having a good time with other people. In this case, having suitable furniture won't just attract new customers and make them feel more comfortable, but it will also help your outdoor space by the coast to last longer. That way, you won’t need to change the furniture on your terrace by the sea as often.

Choosing furniture and décor for a business is always complex, you have to bear in mind many different factors: brand, corporate colours, style of the venue....and location! Furnishing a terrace in the city is not the same as furnishing one on the coast, by the beach. The weather conditions are different and the customers’ goals differ for each of them too. On your coastal terrace, users are seeking relaxation, furniture that doesn’t have too much of an impact on temperature, open and airy spaces where there is a lot of natural light and you can see the sunset. You should take all of these aspects into account so that your establishment stands out from the rest. 

That’s why, in this blog post, we give you 5 key tips when it comes to choosing the perfect furniture for your terrace on the beach, so you get it right and are satisfied with your choice. 

Choose furniture which is resistant to sun and water

Another element you should consider when it comes to choosing this furniture is its resistance to sun, humidity, wind, high temperatures, etc. On the coast, you can find different weather factors that can directly affect your terrace. On this point, you should choose innovative models or with certifications, such as UV Standard 801 with a UPF score of 80, like those held by most of our parasols and which guarantee protection for the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. 

Ezpeleta boasts many models that are tailored to the marine environment of the coast and, in this post, we will highlight some of them. The HALL and FADO chairs are ideal products for placing on a beach terrace. Both have a wraparound model, with materials that make it easy to wash and disinfect. Their non-slip caps are perfect for wet or slippery floors. If you combine them with the ONE table, one of the most practical models for outdoor space, you will create an idyllic spot.

In addition to robust and durable chairs and tables, you need to choose parasols which are suitable for both the good weather, and for rain and wind, since these factors are accentuated on the coast. In this case, we recommend the VIGO parasol, made with OLEFIN fabric and manufactured using a polypropylene thread, which provides excellent resistance to sunlight. In addition, it is stain resistant and water repellent. Another great option for your terrace by the sea is the FARO parasol, idea for areas exposed to wind and humidity. 

Choose colours that combine well with the sea and sand

In addition to taking into account the materials of the products, you should pay particular attention to their colours and the possible combinations with the surroundings. On this point, choose light colours, which create cheerful and striking atmospheres. Remember, customers of these terraces are looking for a place to enjoy their summer. Ezpeleta colours like “white”, “sand”, “olive” or “aquamarine” go really well with the colours of the sea, trees, sand, blue sky, etc. 

Most of Ezpeleta’s furniture is available in these colours, now you just have to combine them properly and choose matching décor.  A tip: Create more dynamic surroundings by boosting contrasts of colours and tones! 

Choose summery and cheerful designs

All terraces on the beach have an idyllic design that makes them more appealing. Flowers, anchors, blue and white stripes, esparto grass, raffia, etc. Natural materials are a bonus for this type of space. Here at Ezpeleta, we recommend the HOP chair, with a herringbone relief on the back. A model which combines well with fine sandy beaches and dunes with vegetation. 

In terms of parasols, summer patterns are a hit, such as our BEACH parasol, which is adjustable and lightweight. You can choose between its different design options: multicoloured flowers or bi-coloured stripes. The MANILA parasol is also a perfect option for coastal terraces with beaches that have crystal clear waters and forested areas. This is a highly decorative parasol as it is made with strips of raffia. This will enable you to save your efforts when it comes to choosing decorative elements. 

Bear in mind the ground you are going to place your furniture on

A coastal terrace can feature different types of floor: grass, sand, stone, etc. That’s why it is essential to bear in mind these materials when choosing stable and easy-to-handle furniture.  In this context, parasols with stable and adjustable bases are ideal, while those with wheels are not as suitable for sandy or stone areas. The EOLO and FORMENTERA parasols boast the ideal characteristics to be placed on a coastal terrace with an unstable floor. 

In terms of chairs and tables, consider their feet. Take note! If their caps are non-slip, then all the better. Models such as the HOP chair and the MONACO table can turn your terrace into a safe environment which is easy to tidy away.

The customer's comfort is key

One of the main features guests consider when choosing a terrace on the beach is that they have comfortable chairs and enough space for large groups. That’s why you should have wraparound chairs, preferably with armrests and not designed with reliefs or uncomfortable shapes on the seat area. You should bear in mind that customers usually come to your terrace in summer wearing shorts and this can be a disadvantage. Choose chairs that mould to the legs and allow for a relaxed posture, such as our FADO chair, with curved lines. 

Ultimately, whenever you are choosing furniture for your coastal terrace, put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think like they do. What would the ideal chair be like to round off a day at the beach? This will help you to create a complete outdoor space where everyone will enjoy the summer to the max. 



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