Wednesday, 13 Dec 2023

Outdoor furniture from Ezpeleta for the arrival of winter

As winter arrives, adapting your terrace to the cold and rain will be vital to provide your customers with the best possible experience.

That’s why, here at Ezpeleta, we tell you what furniture you need in your outdoor space to prevent the poor weather from affecting your establishment during the coldest part of the year.

Robust and durable furniture for winter

Despite the arrival of the wintry weather, spending an afternoon with friends or sitting and reading on a terrace are still popular plans. That’s why it is vital to have appropriate furniture for adverse weather conditions.

Firstly, you should pay attention to the material your outdoor furniture is made from. Choosing robust and durable materials is one of the most important aspects so your furniture doesn't deteriorate with inclement weather.

Polypropylene, for example, is a material noted for its durability and resistance to changes in temperature, humidity or corrosion. Additionally, it is very easy to clean and maintain. For that reason, at Ezpeleta we have a wide range of outdoor chairs available that are made with this material.

Lacquered aluminium also stands out, a robust, lightweight and easy-to-clean material whose components prevent oxidation with climatic changes. At Ezpeleta, we use it in several of our products, including tables, chairs or space dividers.

Must-have outdoor furniture for the winter

In addition to choosing furniture made from robust materials, it is also important to choose products that will make your terrace cosier and safer to protect it from bad weather, such as waterproof space dividers or parasols.

Space dividers are a vital part of any terrace. Their functions include: Enclosing your terrace, making it stand out from other establishments, protecting it from the wind or rain, making it safer, and also providing a more intimate atmosphere for the clientèle.

Moreover, they can add a great deal to the design of the outdoor space, enabling its layout to be changed or, if there are planters, decorating it with plants and flowers.

For their part, parasols are another essential element on your terrace, regardless of the season.

Thanks to parasols, the rest of the furniture from your outdoor space is sheltered, both from the wind, and the sun’s rays. In winter, with the changing temperatures and inclement weather, waterproof parasols are ideal, since they will stop the rain from putting your terrace out of use.

Ezpeleta space dividers to protect your terrace in winter

At Ezpeleta , under the name of SIENA, we have a range of space dividers for terraces that are manufactured in two different materials: Methacrylate or Olefin fabric.

On the one hand methacrylate will be the ideal option if you are looking for a transparent, robust and lightweight space divider which works as an acoustic and thermal insulator.

On the other hand, Olefin fabric provides the product with excellent resistance to sunlight. Additionally, it is water and stain resistant, 100% recyclable and opaque, offering more privacy.

Among our models manufactured in methacrylate, for large spaces you will find the SIENA MAXI MODULE METHACRYLATE, a space divider with space for a planter and the SIENA MAXI PANEL METHACRYLATE, a space divider panel without a planter. For smaller spaces, opt for the smaller version of both products, SIENA MINI MODULE METHACRYLATE or SIENA MINI PANEL METHACRYLATE.

In terms of models made with Olefin fabric, we have the same versions. In a larger size with a planter, the SIENA MAXI MODULE OLEFIN, or in a smaller panel version without a planter, SIENA MAXI PANEL OLEFIN. In a smaller size with a planter, the SIENA MINI MODULE OLEFIN or the panel, SIENA MINI PANEL OLEFIN.

Waterproof parasols from Ezpeleta to protect from the rain

At Ezpeleta we also have a wide range of options when it comes to parasols, but our waterproof models will be the stars of the show this winter.

RIO WATERPROOF is one of our larger models of parasol: 4x4 metres. Its waterproof fabric will protect your terrace from any sudden harsh weather so it can be enjoyed every day of the year. In addition, it has an air vent, is very easy to wash and disinfect and is available in two colours, anthracite and white, so you can choose whichever you prefer.

FORMENTERA WATERPROOF, for its part, is available in two, slightly smaller, sizes: 3.5x3.5 or 3x3 metres. Once again, its waterproof fabric will protect your terrace all year round. Additionally, it also has a PVC gutter which ensures maximum protection from adverse weather conditions, like rain. In terms of colours, you will also be able to choose from white and anthracite, depending on the look you prefer.

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