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EOLO PURETI anti-pollution. Thanks to the incorporation of photocatalytic nanotechnology this is our most sustainable and disruptive parasol option. An EOLO PURETI on your terrace will have the same anti-pollution effect as planting two trees.

Product description

Anti-pollution parasol. Laquered aluminium frame with 4 ribs( 20x14mm). Easy push-up open system with an open-lock handle. With airvent. Olefin fabric with Pureti treatment . Much like trees, the fabric of this parasol reduces air pollution, neutralizing engine gases and other harmful substances. It features a disruptive photocatalytic nanotechnology manufactured by the American company Pureti, which signed an agreement with Ezpeleta for the development of these innovative parasols. The effectiveness of this technology has been widely proven by the most renowned American and European universities, as well as by several laboratories and institutions specialized in photocatalysis. Upon contact with sunlight and air humidity, the fabric treated with this technology removes harmful substances and cleans the air we breathe. One parasol in your patio will have the same anti-pollution effect as two trees. Base not included. Very easy to clean and disinfect. Use on stable and flat surfaces. Public and domestic use product.

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