Thursday, 24 Aug 2023

How to clean the tables on your terrace in summer

In summer, terraces are the ideal place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. To guarantee they stay in good condition, you should pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of your furniture, particularly items like tables, the centre of all get-togethers.

To do so, in this blog, we give you some tips for cleaning the tables on your terrace, so they shine like new for the rest of the summer.

Cleaning the tables on your terrace according to the material

Before starting to clean the tables on your terrace, you should know what materials they are made from. That way, it will be easier to choose suitable products to clean them with.

For example, materials like aluminium are very easy to maintain, but continued use can deteriorate them more easily. For that reason, to clean the tables on your terrace with an aluminium structure, like in the case of our URBAN or QUATRO FOLD models, avoid using abrasive products so you don’t damage them.

Finally, there are also more delicate materials, which require more effort when it comes to cleaning them. For example, to clean terrace tables made in wood or teak, you will need a specific product for this material.

Choose tables that are resistant to sunlight

In summer, day after day, the high temperatures and UV rays can cause damage to your outdoor furniture, from the fading of colours, to the appearance of stains.

If you are looking for easy maintenance, choose tables made in materials that are resistant to solar radiation where the impact is lower, such as Ezpeleta’s ONE anti-UV table.

In addition, the tabletops on Ezpeleta's tables are compact, they are extremely resilient against sunlight and resist fading that can be caused by constant exposure.

In order to protect the tables on your terrace from the sun, also look for the ideal location: somewhere that isn’t exposed permanently to the sun, with natural shade or where there are parasols. Tablecloths are also a good option to prevent the direct penetration of the sun on your tables and to save time and effort when cleaning them.


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