Tuesday, 29 Aug 2023

Choose the ideal size for your terrace parasols

When the good weather arrives, spending the day on a terrace becomes the most desirable plan and making the most of this space is the main task of the summer. Bearing this in mind, parasols are an essential item to create a comfortable and pleasant area.

In this blog post, we help you to choose the ideal size for the parasols on your terrace, aiming to create a functional and attractive outdoor space.

The importance of size when it comes to terrace parasols

When it comes to choosing the perfect parasol for your terrace, you don’t just need to consider the design, but also the size. Choosing parasols of a size that meets the needs of your terrace will have a significant impact on customers’ experiences.

A very small parasol may not provide enough shade so your customers can be comfortable on summer days and, on the other hand, one that is too large could affect the comfort and practicality of your terrace.

Factors to bear in mind when choosing the size of your parasols

Before diving in and choosing the parasols you like best, bear in mind these four factors to help you to find the ones that will work best on your terrace.

  • Size of the area to be covered: when deciding on the most suitable size for the parasols on your terrace, you should know how much space there is to cover. Study the layout of tables and chairs to cover the area most exposed to the sun.
  • Capacity and layout of the space: consider the number of tables and chairs on your terrace. Parasols should cover this entire seating area, without being too intrusive.
  • Location and orientation of your terrace: take into account the location you are in: whether you are surrounded by nature or buildings, when and whereabouts the sun shines, etc. Knowing which way your terrace faces and the sun exposure at different times of the day in your business will help you to determine both the size and quantity of parasols you need.
  • Style and design: parasols also form part of the design of your terrace. Choose tones that match the image of your business, aiming for coherence and visual attraction for your customers. Here at Ezpeleta, we have parasols available in multiple sizes, colours and patterns.

The most common sizes of terrace parasols

Once you are aware of the requirements of your terrace, you can start to look for the ideal parasols, starting with some common sizes.

For small terraces, 2 or 2.5 metre parasols are perfect. They are also great for spaces designed for couples, with a more intimate and cosy atmosphere. At Ezpeleta you will find models like our TENERIFE parasol, ideal for smaller spaces.

Secondly, we have the most popular size of parasol, 3 metres. These parasols are ideal for medium sized terraces used by small groups. Ezpeleta’s VIGO model is perfect for these spaces, a versatile option which comes in various sizes and finishes.

Finally, there are also large parasols, of 3.5 metres and above. These dimensions are designed for larger terraces or those with a large capacity of clientèle, providing optimum shade. At Ezpeleta we have models like FORMENTERA, which adapt to different terraces thanks to their two size options: 3x3 or 3.5x3.5 metres. On the other hand, the 4x4 metre RIO model covers large areas with few units and provides an elegant design.

Additionally, there are also parasols with very specific features, such as those with side arms, which are particularly useful thanks to their increased flexibility. This model of parasol is available at Ezpeleta, called FLEXO, which can also be rotated 360 degrees to make it easier to use.

Other important characteristics for your terrace parasols

Finally, as well as choosing parasols with the most appropriate size and design for your business, look for parasols manufactured in durable and robust materials, that are also easy to clean and maintain. That way, you will avoid having to buy new parasols regularly.

All of our parasols are made with olefin fabric, which is extremely stain-resistant. Moreover, they offer excellent resistance to sunlight and bear the UPF80 certification.

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