Thursday, 05 Oct 2023

The advantage of modular furniture

Modular furniture enables you to create more bespoke combinations to suit the specific needs of each project, as they allow a higher level of customisation and optimisation of the space.

Their timeless aesthetic, adaptability and ease of assembly are other benefits of this type of furniture.  Keep reading to discover more advantages of this type of furniture and Ezpeleta’s range.

What is modular furniture?

Modular furniture originates from a design concept based on creating versatile pieces of furniture, consisting of separate modules that can be combined in different ways, and that can adapt to any space. These modules are separate units that can be swapped, rearranged, added and removed according to the needs and preferences of the user.

Thanks to their multiple features, versatility and finishes, they are greatly in demand, both indoors and outdoors.

Optimising space with modular furniture

One of the main advantages of modular furniture is the optimisation of space, since it can help you make the most of the use of every square metre.

If you have a small terrace, this type of furniture will allow you to create a functional solution, fully tailored to your space requirements and without overlooking design. In the same vein, modular furniture can help you to optimise larger spaces to suit the requirements of any given moment thanks to the ease with which it can be rearranged.

Adaptability and easy assembly

As mentioned above, modular units can be rearranged and reconfigured according to the needs of any given moment, which means that one space can be used for multiple purposes throughout the day. 

In addition to its ability to adapt to any space, the adaptability of modular furniture is reflected in its ease of assembly, since it is usually an intuitive process without the need for any tools.

Customisation and versatility

The ease of assembly of modular furniture also makes it possible to change the design of the terrace regularly, and even move the furniture from one establishment to another without any problems.

For design lovers, this type of furniture can help them to unleash their creativity by rearranging and assembling it in different ways to suit their needs and preferences in any given moment. 

In general, modular furniture usually offers a timeless design and neutral colours, so it can adapt to multiple styles: boho, rustic, Mediterranean, minimalist, etc. 

Lastly, the versatility of this furniture reduces the likelihood of any future problems with design, space or layout on any terrace. 

Moreover, it is a more sustainable and responsible option than conventional furniture, since as it is modular it can be easily reconfigured. There is no need to replace entire pieces of furniture that have lost their functionality. You can simply modify the modules and their layout.

Modular furniture at Ezpeleta

Here at Ezpeleta, we understand the advantages of modular furniture, offering a modest selection of this type of furniture in our catalogue.

Firstly, the SIENA space dividers. At Ezpeleta, we offer a wide range of space dividing modules and panels that can be combined with each other, thanks to their polyamide and fibreglass connectors. We offer various options for each module or terrace dividing panel: three neutral colours, with or without space for a planter, with Olefin fabric, and a window or 5mm transparent methacrylate panel.

Secondly, our MARINE sofa. The MARINE model, in addition to being a corner, single or mid-sized outdoor sofa, can also be used as a pouffe or side table and is available in white or taupe, two neutral colours that suit any style. Made in aluminium, it is a very lightweight product and easy to maintain. Thanks to its fixings to join the pieces together, you can combine it to suit your tastes and needs.  By using this product in its sofa, table and pouffe versions, you will be able to easily create an attractive and functional chill out area.

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