Friday, 10 Nov 2023

Rustic decor: cosy spaces for Autumn

If you are looking for a decorative style to create a cosy and warm atmosphere on your terrace, the rustic style will be the star of your outdoor and indoor spaces this autumn.

The mild temperatures still allow you to enjoy outdoor snacks or dinners, but during this season, vibrant and striking colours transform into neutral tones, highlighting natural details.

In this blog post, we tell you about the characteristics of a rustic style and the Ezpeleta furniture that will help you convey its essence this autumn. Keep reading!

Characteristic  colours of the rustic style

The rustic style has its roots, as the name suggests, in country and rural life. It has established itself as one of the main and most recurrent decorative styles for spaces, both inside and out, that seek minimalism and connection with nature. In addition, this organic and artisanal approach aligns perfectly with this season.

One of the most characteristic aspects of this style is its colour palette, eminently warm and earthy: brown, taupe, olive green, brick red or anthracite grey. These are tones commonly used in Ezpeleta products, reminiscent of nature and rural essence.

While it is true that white takes a bit of a backseat in the original rustic style, in its more recent version, known as the "new rustic" or modern rustic style, white becomes another protagonist of the space. This infusion of Nordic style adds a modern touch to more traditional decor.

Textures in the rustic style

The textures typical of the rustic style are those that resemble natural and rural environments, namely wood, stone, ceramics, wool, etc. These materials also bring warmth and depth to the space. 

In Ezpeleta, some of our chair models incorporate wooden details, and in the case of our tables, we offer various models with wood-like patterns. 

The reason for opting for patterns instead of natural wood is that wood can be a challenging material to maintain, especially in seasons like autumn when humidity and harsh weather conditions increase. With our products, you can achieve the style you are looking for, with furniture made from materials that are perfectly suitable and designed for outdoor use.

Rustic style Ezpeleta chairs

In our catalogue, you can find products to help you recreate the rustic style in your outdoor space for a warmer, cosier, and overall more autumnal atmosphere.

In terms of chairs, the Ezpeleta models most suitable for this style are HOP and SICILIA. These two chairs are quite different but perfect for adding that rustic touch to your terrace. 

The enveloping shape of HOP also makes it a very comfortable and ergonomic chair. In addition, the embossed herringbone design on the back is reminiscent of nature. The three available colours, taupe, olive and terracotta, fit perfectly with the rustic style... Mix and match them to add a touch of personality to your space!

On the other hand, the SICILIA eco-wood chair adds the wooden touch typical of this decorative style. The colours of this model, anthracite grey, white and rust, are neutral colours that not only help you create a rustic-style terrace but also add elegance.

Rustic style Ezpeleta tables

As for the tables, the MEET and MONACO models are perfect for creating this atmosphere. 

The MEET table is available in a variety of sizes, adapting perfectly to any type of terrace: cafes, restaurants, hotels... The possibility of combining structure colours and table designs will not only help you achieve the rustic touch on your terrace but also offer a high degree of customisation. Both the colours of the structure (white, taupe, or anthracite) and the plain wood (dark oak or oak), stone, or marble patterns for the tabletop fit perfectly with the characteristics of this decorative style.

The MONACO model, on the other hand, is simple, practical and decorative. The tabletop is available in the same designs as the MEET table, but for its structure, we expand the colour palette with sand and mocha tones. Again, two earthy colours totally in tune with the rustic style.

Other details: decorative elements and lighting

To complete your outdoor space with a rustic style, consider adding decorative elements, such as plants or wicker baskets, that match this aesthetic. These small details will bring your space to life and make it more welcoming.

Lighting is also important, as it can completely transform a space. In autumn, warm and dim light from candles, oil lamps, or lanterns creates a cosy and romantic atmosphere, especially at night.

In conclusion, rustic-style decoration is the perfect choice for creating cosy and comfortable outdoor spaces this autumn. With warm colours, natural textures and wooden details, your terrace will convey the essence of this season.


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