Thursday, 05 Jan 2023

Olefin: Eco-friendly fabric for interiors and exteriors

Due to our textile innovation, our manufacturing based on zero kilometres and local talent, we can say that we produce robust furniture, which is durable and high quality in every aspect. For this reason, in terms of materials, we opt for a 100% recyclable fabric which has many advantages when compared to other materials: olefin.

Olefin is a fabric that we use to make many of our products, particularly parasols. This type of material is made with polypropylene thread, so it is highly resistant to sunlight, it has a UPF rating of 80 under UV standard certification 801. The advantage of using this fabric on furniture is its increased durability, as well as greater protection for the people that sit beneath it.

For this reason, many of the parasols and space dividers that we offer, such as our EOLO PURETI parasol or our SIENA Maxi Module Olefin space divider, use olefin fabric to provide a better service to your customers. This fabric also has many functional and aesthetic advantages that make it the star fabric for your indoor and outdoor furniture. 

Advantages of olefin

Olefin fabric is made with polypropylene thread which has been bulk dyed during its initial processing. This gives it excellent resistance to sunlight, as the colour is fixed more intensely in the thread of the fabric than in other processes. 

The outdoor spaces designed by Ezpeleta are unique and different, but they are  also sustainable. Hence, olefin is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. Here at Ezpeleta, we care about the environment, and this is reflected in our products, which are made with materials like this one. 

Lastly, this fabric is very easy to wash and disinfect, and it is also water-repellent and stain resistant. These features make olefin the perfect fabric for your indoor and outdoor furniture. 

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