Thursday, 01 Sep 2022

Ezpeleta is committed to sustainable production

At Ezpeleta, we are committed to 0KM-based production, since our factory is located in Portugal, specifically in Vila Nova de Cerveira.

Our story began in 1935 in Oñati (Gipuzkoa), where our activity as umbrella manufacturers started. However, in 1954, the second generation of the family moved to Vigo and founded the new factory. Years later, in 1988, the third generation of the family opened the main Ezpeleta factory in Vila Nova de Cerveira, in Portugal.

It is in this factory that our team designs and produces a wide range of furniture and parasols, thanks to the processing of three main materials: polymers, metals and fabrics.

This “Made in Portugal” model, in addition to making our products more sustainable, supports the economy and dynamism of small towns like Vila Nova de Cerveira. This European manufacturing promotes sustainable development, energy savings and reduces the greenhouse gas emissions that would occur if products were transported from places further away.

There are many advantages to environmentally-responsible manufacturing and here at Ezpeleta we are fully aware of that. That’s why we feel prouder each day of our 0KM-based production.

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