Tuesday, 20 Sep 2022

FADO, one of the most robust chairs on the market

The FADO chair from Ezpeleta is the ideal model for all types of open spaces where you
want to install comfortable furniture to relax or enjoy an afternoon in the best company,
since its dimensions are perfect for all types of terraces. With a height of 76 cm and a width
of 52 cm, it will be perfect for any space, both on small terraces and in large areas. In
addition, in small spaces the Fado chairs can be stacked, taking up very little room as up to
eight units can be stacked on top of each other.

Our Fado chair is the result of the search for a long-lasting product, but with a
contemporary line which, thanks to the colours chosen, match perfectly in spaces full of
colour as well as those with a more minimalist look. Its eight colours perfectly match any
colour palette.

Its design takes into account the ergonomics of the customer, it features convenient
armrests which make it comfortable for the customer and non-slip caps to prevent the chair
from slipping or scratching the floor of your establishment.

It has been designed using materials with fibreglass reinforced polypropylene, a 100%
recyclable material which is extremely versatile and can be used both indoors and
outdoors. Thanks to its light weight, but robustness when used, it easily resists knocks and
scrapes, the rain, wind and other poor weather. Hence, its use life can stretch up to several

 Decorate your terrace with the stylish FADO chairs and add a modern and inspirational
touch to your establishment.


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