Friday, 24 Sep 2021

Ezpeleta at Supersalone 2021, all about the special edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano.

Our date with the furniture sector at Supersalone 2021, the special edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano, has been a very rewarding experience. From September 5th to 10th, we attended this large international furniture fair, where we were able to show off the huge potential of our products. An event that opened up many growth opportunities to us.

Despite the fact that exhibiting in Milan has some strict access requirements, we easily overcame this challenge. This, added to the fact that we had to adapt ourselves to a large-scale event in the context of the current pandemic, meant we reached one of our goals.

Our adaptation to a new format of the event

The current situation we are facing has meant we need to adapt each day. With this in mind, the Supersalone team have done their utmost to enable brands to take part in the fair.

The stands at this large furniture event were based on standard modules, to prevent the moving around of assemblers as is usual at these fairs.  This way, incorporating a common image was promoted among all of the exhibitors.  

Each exhibitor had to display their product on the shelves that the Fair made available to them. A methodology which, although it may be a disadvantage for some brands with grand staging, enabled products to stand out more, without their perception being altered by external elements.

Ultimately, here at Ezpeleta, we believe that this adaptation benefited us because our products and their excellent value for money are our strength.

The response to Ezpeleta at Supersalone 2021 

The number of visitors to Supersalone also surprised us. Almost 60,000 people attended this special event. A number which, despite being far from the usual turnout of normal editions of Salone del Mobile, has far exceeded our expectations.

Ezpeleta was present for the full 6 days of the fair. We worked extremely hard and with a determined mindset to establish contacts and increase our presence in the international furniture sector more each day. “We have barely stopped at all” says Miguel Arado, our managing director.

Thanks to our efforts, we had an excellent response, which has led us to return to Spain with a real desire to grow.

Spanish furniture at this special edition of Salone del Mobile

At Supersalone 2021, there were only 9 Spanish exhibitors of the 423 that attended the Fair. In fact, several Spanish companies that usually exhibit attended the event as visitors, they even came to our stand to exchange views.

These brands may already be preparing to attend the April 2022 Fair, at which Salone del Mobile.Milano will celebrate its 60th birthday. We are sure that Spain will once again be well represented at the 2022 edition given that our country is home to some very good companies and we manufacture excellent products. 

The key points from Supersalone 2021

From our point of view, the strengths of this edition of Supersalone have been: the ability to adapt to the new world stage by the organisation and the huge capacity and strength that this Milan International Furniture Fair has shown in order to achieve a significant turnout of professionals.  

It is clear that this large event surprises us each year, but what we admire most about this 2021 edition is the imagination of its team when it came to creating new methodologies for holding the event, with new ideas for the adaptation of the display stands. In addition, all of this was encompassed within a perspective of sustainability. 

Supersalone 2021: the prelude to the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022 Fair

Supersalone 2021 has been an initial contact between manufacturers and professionals from the furniture sector. A test of the response that holding these events face-to-face once again can have. For that reason, as we mentioned earlier, Salone del Mobile.Milano is already preparing to hold its 60th birthday in 2022, which will take place from April 5th to 10th.

Here at Ezpeleta, we are already looking forward to the next edition in 2022, which will be a world showcase for the furniture sector and will show the trends that will mark the next year.

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