Wednesday, 11 Aug 2021

Advice on caring for, cleaning and disinfecting your terrace

Terraces are once again at the forefront this summer, particularly at this time due to the measures established by the pandemic. In the current context, with greater restrictions placed on being indoors, external spaces within your premises are being subjected to a greater level of use. However, today more than ever, it is extremely important to keep these spaces clean and disinfected.  

Conscious of this, we have decided to show you some tips that will keep the furniture in your premises gleaming and safe. Without any further ado, here are the best tips for caring for, cleaning and disinfecting your terrace.

Choose the appropriate cleaning product for each material

Terrace furniture is becoming increasingly varied in its design and the materials used. Premises owners want to add their own personal touch to these spaces and, as a consequence, the number of materials used for terrace furniture has increased. Because of this, when choosing the cleaning products required, you need to keep in mind the materials you have used to design your own terrace.

How to clean plastic furniture

There are different products for cleaning and disinfecting plastic furniture which you can find on the market, and which are specifically for this type of material. We recommend that you choose a professional and specific product for cleaning plastic. However, many people prefer to prepare their own product which also removes dirt and is more economical for everyday use. The most commonly-used mixture consists of hot water and white vinegar in equal parts and neutral soap. Whatever you use, remember to always use a soft cloth and avoid the use of wire scourers, as they could scratch your furniture.

How to clean wooden furniture

Wood is very delicate, so you should not use just any type of cleaning product. We recommend that you avoid bleach and other corrosive products. Superficial stains are very easy to clean on this material. You only need a damp, soapy cloth to remove dust, crumbs or other surface stains. Don’t forget to use a soft cloth that won’t scratch the surface of your furniture. Cotton or microfiber cloths are the most suitable. 

Also, if you want to keep your wooden furniture looking new, you can polish it from time to time. This way, your customers will think that you have new furniture.

How to clean metal furniture

This furniture is easy to clean, whether the metal is iron or aluminium. Use a synthetic bristle brush or a scourer that is wetted with water and a soft liquid soap and wipe down all the metal to clean it. If you also want it to look even better, you can add some wax to give it a greater shine, or a varnish, which will prevent it from rusting at the same time.

How to clean furniture made from synthetic fibres

You need to clean synthetic fibres carefully. Firstly, clean with a cloth to remove dust or anything else that may be on their surface. Then, apply a little water with salt and vinegar and rub the surface using a microfiber cloth. Lastly, we recommend that you wipe down with a dry cloth to remove any dampness.

How to clean wicker furniture

Wicker is a very attractive material and is ideal for terrace furniture, but it is also very delicate. Similarly, you need to clean it carefully using mild cleaning products. For this reason, we recommend that you only use a little soft soap and water and that you spread it over the whole surface. Then rub the surface area using a synthetic bristle brush or a cloth. Lastly, dry it carefully with a cloth to remove any dampness. 

If you want your wicker furniture to remain clean for longer and have more shine, you can apply a wax polish that is specifically for furniture. Remember to use a dry cloth for this purpose.

How to clean my terrace floor

The floor of your terrace is also important. Apart from sweeping it to ensure that there is no food or drink on the floor, it is a good idea to mop it every day before and after opening and during quiet times. Every floor will need its own specific care, but the important thing is not to use products that could quickly damage it. The more natural the product used the better.

Choose furniture that is easy to clean

Sometimes, when we are buying furniture for our terrace, we focus more on the design and price than on other things that are equally, or more, important.  For example, it is essential to choose furniture made from materials that are easy to clean and maintain, as this will allow you to keep the terrace ready for use with the minimum effort and without constantly having to clean thereby leaving your staff free to focus on other tasks that have a greater return. 

As we have already mentioned on other occasions in this blog, polypropylene is the ideal material for this purpose. As we show you in this video, all you need to do is spray the furniture with your cleaning and disinfecting product of choice and wipe it down with a soft cloth. 

We have chosen it for manufacturing a large part of the Ezpeleta range of furniture because of its many advantages: not just on a design level, but also because of its robustness, lightness and because it is easy to clean and disinfect. It is also 100% recyclable.

In summary, when we design our furniture, we are always very much aware of the furniture’s future everyday use and how our customers will use it. We want to offer a comprehensive terrace project for the real world and for the intensive use that it will receive. Because of this, all our pieces, from our chairs to our dividers, to our tables, lounge furniture and parasols, have been designed and created to be comfortable, functional, hard-wearing , stylish and easy to clean. 

We recommend that you take a look at our website where you can view all the materials we have used to create our furniture in detail. You can also contact us whenever you want and we will provide you with all the information you require. If you want to buy any terrace furniture through us, do not hesitate to phone us or fill in this form and we will put you in direct contact with the distributors in your area. 

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