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Tips for choosing the perfect furniture for a small terrace and saving space

One of the main objectives of any hospitality business is to be able to optimise its outdoor space and create a striking, comfortable and functional terrace.  All of this, together with two essential requirements: durable, quality furniture and at a good price.

But, what happens if you only have a small terrace? In this case, you will also need to be guided by other key points, such as knowing how to find the balance between the form of your furniture and the comfort of your customers.  Having a small outdoor space is not a problem, but you do need to think more carefully about what your terrace’s chairs, tables and parasols will be like, since one of your main goals will now be to save space.

The key lies in having tall tables and chairs.

Optimising space is no easy task... Unless you opt for the right furniture. For example, tall tables and chairs will allow you to have more customers in a smaller space.

Here at Ezpeleta, we have tall tables and chairs which are the fundamental element of many trendy small terraces. Our ATTIC stool falls into this category, and it speaks for itself. Its taller height makes it more elegant and with a stylish shape, making it a chair with a big personality. It is made from glass fibre reinforced polypropylene, which provides a great resistance to impacts.

To complement this stool, the perfect option is the URBAN TABLE. A tall model of table with a simple and practical joining mechanism using polyamide elbow connectors. In addition, it features height adjusters to offer your customers more comfort. Both the Urban table and the ATTIC stool are available in more than six colours; soft, modern and can be combined with each other easily.

In addition to tall tables and chairs, you can opt for tables with only one leg to save space. We suggest the QUATRO model, available in different sizes and shapes, or the KOS model. These types of tables are more comfortable for sitting at since there is more space around the table and customers can pull their chairs in closer, thereby optimising the space on your terrace.

The best parasols for a small terrace.

Continuing with the optimisation of space, you should also consider your choice of parasols, essential items when it comes to protecting your terrace and your guests from elements like the sun and rain.

Here at Ezpeleta, we recommend the FLEXO parasol, perfect for making the most of space thanks to its base and side arm. These types of original parasols are very popular on small terraces since they enable a greater optimisation of space.  Moreover, this parasol features a new anti-wind system and a 360 degree rotation. It is highly resistant to sunlight and water repellent, ideal for adapting to any weather conditions.

One last tip: parasol bases embedded into the floor can be a good option for optimising space. They don’t interfere with the customer's comfort since they are completely stable. With this type of item, you will gain space and will be able to position chairs, tables, or sun loungers directly under the parasol. Ezpeleta’s FAST CLICK model is the ideal piece for these cases.

Choose foldable and stackable furniture to make tidying your terrace easier .

Another tip: use foldable and stackable chairs and tables that enable you to save space when the terrace is not being used. That way, putting your chairs and tables away at the end of the day will be much quicker and easier, and setting up will be much more convenient.

In this case, here at Ezpeleta, we recommend the tables KOS and QUATRO FOLD, two foldable models that will enable you to play around with all of their options of dimensions, colours and shapes of tabletop. Moreover, at the end of the day, once folded, they will take up very little space in your premises.

In terms of stackable tables, the ONE model table stands out, designed by Aitor García de Vicuña, from AGV Estudio. This table enables you to group together up to 8 units, on top of each other. In addition, it is manufactured from glass fibre reinforced polypropylene for greater strength and durability.

Likewise, our catalogue also contains many models of stackable chairs. We can highlight some such as the LAND chair, which enables you to group together up to 10 units in the same place. This model is perfect for outdoors since its fabric is easy to maintain, antibacterial and resistant to humidity. In addition, the safety of your customers on rainy days is guaranteed with its non-slip studs

Find the perfect harmony between a small terrace and comfortable furniture for your customers.

You should always keep your customers’ comfort in mind, since this is the factor that will determine whether they come back to your establishment. For that reason, it is essential to find the harmony and balance between saving space, with the aforementioned tips, and offering them a comfortable space. Offer your customers an airy and open ambience since, if they want to be on the terrace, they are likely to want to breathe fresh air.

In terms of the number of chairs and tables, this will depend on the space you have available. A tip: don’t spread all of the tables out with just two or three chairs, add some with four or five chairs, so customers don’t have to move them around all the time.

If you opt for height-adjustable furniture and combine different sizes and tabletops, you can make your customers even more comfortable. This flexibility will make the difference on your terrace. Here at Ezpeleta, we recommend the MONACO model of table, with height adjusters and a compact tabletop, resistant to the characteristics of the outdoor environment. This is a very functional, practical and decorative table, at a very affordable price.

Décor is also important in saving space.

In addition to the previous tips about optimising space, you should also bear in mind the decorative details of your space. They are an element that will make you stand out from the competition and will give you a touch of personality.

Firstly, take advantage of the walls and don’t leave them empty; they are a space that you can play around with. For example, hang lanterns, plants or pictures, they won’t take up much space but they will have an impact on the final décor. 

Secondly, use decorative elements with a dual purpose, which are useful for your business. For example, combine a decorative element such as a plant with a lantern. You will have décor and lighting in the same element and will save space.

Finally, consider lighting and colours, they will make your terrace look bigger if they are done properly. For example, natural light is key, it gives a sensation of spaciousness. For that reason, if you have dividers, they should be transparent with light edges, avoid dark finishes. In terms of colours, white and other neutral shades such as creams, tans, greys or beige will multiply the effect of spaciousness that natural light gives you.  That’s why, here at Ezpeleta, we offer a wide range of colours and shapes, so you can consider the different options when it comes to designing your terrace.

And remember, the smallest thing can turn into something really big with just a few details.

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