Tuesday, 19 Apr 2022

Olive green, the colour is on-tren

The colour OLIVE green is here to stay. You will be able to see it in all terraces and enclosed spaces; in décor, in furniture...because it is mega on-trend. In addition, with the arrival of spring, this colour becomes more vital, since it is ideal for creating spaces that breathe nature and balance.

Peace and quiet, sustainability or prosperity are some of the feelings that this shade evokes. It combines well with nearly every colour and is able to create a relaxed and comfortable ambience. It is the perfect opportunity to stand out from the competition and create a sustainable terrace with personality which is unusual and cutting-edge. 

And since, here at Ezpelet, we are always up to date with the latest trends...OLIVE green is our new colour! We have included it in our products and in the design of our catalogue because, as well as being the star colour of the year, it also reflects the nature and sustainability that our products breathe.

Don’t miss the chance to furnish your outdoor space with the ATTIC stool or the LAGO sun lounger in OLIVE green, available now in our 2022 catalogue. You will be able to find these and many more products by selecting this new colour on our website.

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