Monday, 04 Apr 2022

The new HOP chair is here to stay

We introduce you to the recently arrived HOP chair, a new model from the 2022 catalogue which has whipped up a storm in the furniture sector and is a huge success on our website. 

It is an extremely comfortable wrap-around chair, both for the garden and terrace.  One of its strengths is its design, with a herringbone shaped relief on the back. In addition, it is available in three colours; taupe, olive and terracotta, three different shades to suit the different tastes and surroundings of our customers.

It is made in polypropylene with fibreglass and is perfect for outdoors, thanks to its strength, durability and ease of cleaning. It is also stackable, with ergonomic arms and non-slip caps. Its organic shapes and colours which remind us of nature, make this the ideal chair to create a sustainable terrace which is connected to the natural surroundings, with a wild touch, but comfortable at the same time.

This year it will be the star of every terrace!


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