Thursday, 31 Mar 2022

2022 Trends in the furniture sector

Natural materials, the colour green, rustic décor and sustainability are the most talked about trends of 2022 in the furniture and décor sector. In this post we explain these trends and how they are reflected in Ezpeleta’s products, so you can choose furniture which suits the surroundings, as well as today's social and cultural trends. 

Décor and interior design have evolved with society and have moved from darker and more austere styles to lighter colours, smooth textures and minimalist décor.  In addition, sustainability is an extremely important factor for today’s society, so it is also evident in this sector. 

Following the trends of these sustainable and eco-friendly materials, we find many Ezpeleta products, such as our EOLO PURETI parasol, which has the same decontaminating effect as planting two trees. Moreover, materials like wood or wicker are booming. At Ezpeleta, we take this into account and apply it to products like our JAVA parasol, made of varnished eucalyptus wood. 

As well as the materials, the shapes and colours have also gained a sustainable and natural touch. This year’s star colour is green and our 2022 Catalogue is a clear example of it. That’s why we have included a new colour in our offer, OLIVE green. Our FADO chair or our LAGO sun lounger are some of the products that you can choose in this colour. In terms of shapes, representations of nature are a must, so Ezpeleta has launched the new HOP chair, which boasts a beautiful design with herringbone relief on the back.

In this post we also need to mention that there is a trend in the furniture sector which is here to stay: users are increasingly looking for quality and comfort above all else, so products must be made from robust materials which are easy to clean and handle. That’s why Ezpeleta works each day to ensure these premises are met. 

Finally, we must highlight our presence in the article "Tendencias en Mobiliario Exterior” (Trends in Outdoor Furniture),  published in the March edition of Equipamiento Hostelero magazine, which covers this topic from an outdoor furniture perspective and mentions some of our products. 

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