Friday, 06 May 2022

Haz magazine highlights the EOLO PURETI as an example of sustainability

The EOLO PURETI parasol has become a benchmark for sustainability on a national level. Its anti-pollution function has been mentioned in Haz magazine, which highlights that the collaboration between Ezpeleta y Pureti has been a great success. 

Haz magazine appeared in Spain in June 2005 with the objective of sharing best practice, reviews and trends within the sphere of social innovation. 

In the daily’s article, How creating ‘artificial trees’ helps to reduce pollution in towns, which was published on 25 April, it expressed the need to turn daily objects into sustainable ones. An aspect that, little by little, helps to reduce pollution and the harmful consumption of urban life. We are delighted to tell you that the magazine has described the cooperation between Ezpeleta and Pureti as a great success. 

The article describes how the EOLO PURETI, along with other products that champion sustainability, can help to reduce pollution up to some 40%.  

EOLO PURETI emerged as a common project that combines the PURETI technology, endorsed by professionals, with the Ezpeleta design, giving rise to a parasol that promotes sustainability.  

In short, these products, and others that are concerned with integrating features that help to improve our quality of life and our environment, are an example of innovation. We are extremely proud to be part of this change! 

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