Wednesday, 27 Apr 2022

Tips for a multifunctional hotel terrace

The spring and summer holidays are approaching and tourists are starting to plan their trips and look for the ideal hotels to stay in.  For that reason, it is essential to have a multifunctional hotel terrace which attracts the attention of users who are looking for an unforgettable holiday. Terrace furniture, outdoor relaxation spaces, swimming pool, the atmosphere of the hotel’s terrace...are some of the main aspects that visitors pay particular attention to. In addition, this multifunctional hotel terrace can often be a key reason why people choose one hotel or another. 

In this blog post we give you some tips to be able to create a comfortable, attractive and beautiful hotel terrace that attracts the attention of anyone planning the perfect holiday. Keep reading to discover which Ezpeleta furniture best suits this type of space. 

Establish different spaces for an attractive hotel terrace

A hotel terrace should have different spaces with different aims: relaxing, chatting, having fun, having a drink...That’s why it is important to establish different atmospheres where the tourist can decide which they prefer at any given moment. Hence, the furniture should be consistent with what each space is trying to convey

Every hotel terrace should include a space orientated more towards consumption, where tables and chairs are essential. Models like our LAND chair or the ATTIC stool are ideal in this case, while the MEET and URBAN tables are the best option for people to enjoy a drink on the hotel terrace. 

In addition to this space, it is also important to have an area dedicated to relaxation, equipped with multifunctional furniture which serves both for relaxation and to enjoy a drink by the pool. This type of space requires three basics: sun lounger, side table and parasol. The perfect combination for Ezpeleta? VILA OR LAGO sun lounger with VILA side table, accompanied by the FARO parasol, all in white. 

One last tip. If you are looking for a premium space, conveying unrivalled comfort and luxury, the large IBIZA and NANA sun loungers are the perfect choice. 

Choose multifunctional and trendy furniture

To add personality and functionality to any hotel terrace, one of the first steps is to choose furniture which is easy to position, clean and tidy away. And if that furniture is also on trend in terms of décor, then even better!

That’s why, here at Ezpeleta, we have models which, as well as being stylishly designed, are made using materials like glass fibre reinforced polypropylene or OLEFIN. These materials ensure the furniture is weather resistant, robust and very easy to clean.  Our HOP chair or our FLEXO parasol are just some examples. 

Ultimately, you should choose furniture which has more than one use and that the consumer will feel comfortable and safe with. For example, if you choose a waterproof parasol, like the FORMENTERA model, you will be able to set the hotel terrace up even when it's raining, while this same item will be essential to consumers on sunny days too.

Pay attention to the design, colours and shapes

After choosing the type of furniture you require, it is important to choose the colour in line with the hotel's values, its location, architecture, etc. For example, if the hotel is small, lighter colours are more suitable, as they are able to turn smaller spaces into more airy and extensive areas. White, taupe, aquamarine or olive green are ideal colours for this type of terrace. In addition, if the terrace is by the sea, they will combine perfectly with the tones of nature. 

On the other hand, if you are looking to add more personality to the hotel terrace, striped patterns as in the case of our EOLO parasol can add a touch of originality to the space. In addition, the combinations of two colours in one model increase the creative opportunities and you can combine darker colours with lighter colours. 

Finally, shapes are also important. Look for chairs with armrests if you want a more relaxed atmosphere, choose wraparound chairs which help to keep the consumer sitting down for longer and always choose models that suit the type of customer that visits the hotel.

Lay out the furniture correctly to create a comfortable hotel terrace

Once you have chosen the ideal items of furniture with the colours and shapes you like best, you should lay them out so they don’t hinder the visitor's ability to relax or their privacy. Some basic tips: don’t place too many chairs around one table, parasols and sun loungers by the pool should have enough space to walk between them, never place the furniture on areas with uneven ground, etc. 

In conclusion, you should position the furniture you have chosen according to the space, but always with the visitors in mind who are going to enjoy it and for their comfort.

Create an ambience in line with the hotel’s philosophy

Last, but not least, always look for a combination of décor and furniture which matches the type of hotel terrace you want to offer.  If you are looking for more sustainable and natural surroundings, choose green and taupe colours, herringbone patterns as in the case of our HOP chair and sustainable parasols like our EOLO PURETI. However, if the hotel terrace is elegant and minimalist, choose darker tones like grey or black and furniture with straight lines. 

If, after reading this blog post, you need more advice and you would like to create a multifunctional hotel terrace using Ezpeleta’s furniture, you can contact us using the form on our website.  We will help and advise you with everything you need so your terrace is on point for summer.

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