Friday, 22 Apr 2022

Two of Ezpeleta’s products win the iF Design Award 2022

We are celebrating once again! 

Two of Expeleta's products have won the iF Design Award 2022: the EOLO parasol and the LAGO sun lounger. This award, the iF Product Design Award, was launched in 1954 and is awarded each year by the iF International Forum Design. It is an accolade that covers numerous disciplines and is presented to multiple candidates from more than 45 countries. This is a truly special acknowledgement for Ezpeleta and for our products.

The iF Design Awards 2022 broke the world record for participation, with more than 10,776 products and projects taking part. In the end, 5,426 submissions were pre-selected, which were assessed by the final judging panel over three days at the Wilhelm Hallen in Berlin, by 75 internationally renowned design experts, using the iF Digital Jury Tool. 

To determine the winners, the final judging panel assessed each entrant in groups of 3. The score for each participant was dependent on five criteria: Idea, form, function, differentiation and impact. Various questions were asked in order to score each criteria, such as “Why can it be used with ease?”, “How is it made?” or “Why is it sustainable?”. Once analysed, each criteria is scored, the average for each criteria is calculated and the sum of the averages is the product or project’s final score. 

Bearing this criteria in mind, the top prize was awarded to two of our products in the “Product” discipline, in the “Garden” category: the EOLO parasol and the LAGO sun lounger.

Thank you for this acknowledgement! 

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