Monday, 07 Nov 2022

Taupe, the trending neutral colour

The colour taupe is a mixture of grey and brown which creates an elegant and sophisticated tone widely used in the world of interior design and décor. It is a colour that combines very well and blends perfectly with its surroundings because it is neutral. This is why it works both indoors and outdoors, and it can be used both in urban or rural settings. 

Within the colour taupe, there are different tones which can be gloss or matte, some are darker and others lighter. Depending on this factor, you can create spaces that reflect different feelings: strength, solidity, minimalism, modernity, etc. Also, this colour is extremely pleasing to the eye and you can use it on any surface, both walls and fabrics, or objects and furniture.  

The colour taupe, also known as “topo”, combines very well with blue, red, yellow and white, although there are many creative possibilities with this colour. It is widely used to create peaceful atmospheres and is perfect for seasons like autumn.  

Ezpeleta products in taupe

The colour taupe is a “must” in Ezpeleta products as, being neutral, it combines well with the other decorative elements within an establishment.  Additionally, the almost brown tones ensure products stay looking newer and last for longer. 

At Ezpeleta, you can find the majority of our furniture in this colour.  All the Ezpeleta chair models have this option, except for the SICILIA chair, while all table models are available in this tone. As for loungers, space dividers and parasols, 90% of them are available in taupe.  

If you are about to start a project that requires new furniture, keep the colour taupe in mind and you won’t regret it. It’s sure to be a hit! Visit our website and discover which Ezpeleta products you can get in the colour taupe. 

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