Friday, 18 Nov 2022

Aesthetic décor: design and functionality with Ezpeleta

There are many trends in the world of décor and interior design, some are new, others re-emerge and some disappear altogether. In this blog post we tell you about one of the most talked-about trends in recent years: aesthetic décor, a term which is applied to many disciplines and arts, such as photography, painting or fashion.  

One of the most notable aspects of aesthetic décor is its ability to find beauty and aesthetics by combining everyday elements, as it is one of the most “photographable” styles of interior design.  It is the leading décor on social networks such as Pinterest or Instagram, as it creates spaces that are extremely pleasing to the eye and full of creativity and style. 

If you want to create an ambiance with this décor style, there are some tips or basic elements that you should keep in mind and, in this post, we will tell you about all of them so that you can apply them to your projects.

What is aesthetic décor

Aesthetic décor is based on creating aesthetic surroundings and spaces, in other words, spaces that are attractive, clean and tidy. However, these are highly subjective concepts, as this décor trend has no obligatory elements or defined styles. Every designer or interior designer can develop their most artistic and creative side as long as it is tidy and visually attractive (but that doesn’t mean it has to be minimalist). 

The key to achieving aesthetic décor is to find decorative elements that exude comfort and reflect the personality of your establishment. Apart from keeping their beauty in mind, it is also important that the furniture you choose is consistent with your style. That’s why it is said that aesthetic décor is a mixture of different decorative trends, combining materials, colours and shapes. Styles such as “vintage” or “boho” can fit in with this type of décor, as long as there is a visual balance and the space does not appear to be “cluttered”. 

Basic elements of aesthetic décor

Although there are no obligatory elements in the aesthetic style, there are some basic aspects that you should keep in mind. For example, checks and plants are great allies for achieving comfortable and harmonious surroundings. A piece of advice:  opt for a large check to focus attention on, and place various plants in wicker pots in an area for relaxation. 

Another strength of this trend is shapes, colours, materials and natural textures, and the sustainability aspect is extremely visual.  Neutral-coloured wood, wicker or esparto grass, such as in taupe, beige or brown, are a “must” in these types of settings. The perfect example is our HOP chair with its herringbone design and its rounded shape. 

When thinking about decorative pieces, handicrafts and original items take the leading role. The rustic style is the most widely used to create comfortable surroundings using different textures and basic elements such as carpets, cushions and books. 

Lastly, there is a trend that has generated a lot of interest in recent years: paper painted with natural prints.  If you combine this decorative item with the right objects, you can create a space that has life and dynamism. In addition, if you choose natural light… everything will be more aesthetic!

Combine design and functionality with Ezpeleta furniture

In the Ezpeleta catalogue you can find a large number of products that will help you to achieve this aesthetic style on your terrace or indoor space. Parasols, chairs, tables, loungers and space dividers that combine design and functionality to offer your customers maximum comfort. 

In this post we recommend five products that are perfect for this type of décor. Firstly, choose chairs in neutral colours, delicate shapes and soft textures, like our TOWN PAD chair, upholstered in taupe and white. As for tables, our MONACO model is ideal, as its wood or marble top creates very aesthetic settings. 

If you have an outdoor area in which to design a “lounge space”, opt for a combination of the FORMENTERA parasol and the LAGO lounger. They both have very elegant shapes and come in soft colours. 

If you would like to decorate your establishment following these new trends, get in touch with us through our website. 

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