Wednesday, 22 Mar 2023

Redesign your outdoor relaxation area

The arrival of spring is the perfect excuse to add a relaxation area to your terrace, or to redesign the one you already have. The longer days and more pleasant temperatures mean that your customers will want to spend some relaxing time outdoors and will be looking for the most comfortable and  peaceful surroundings. 

In this blog post we will give you some tips for choosing the ideal furniture for your relaxation area. 


Essential furniture for your relaxation area

Firstly, comfort should be the predominant factor within your relaxation area. Always look for furniture that offers your customers a sense of comfort and which creates a relaxed atmosphere. 

Loungers are the quintessential relaxation furniture. If you have a lot of space, models like the NANA lounger will be the stars of your relaxation area, or you may even want to use daybeds, such as the IBIZA daybed. If, on the other hand, your space is smaller, stackable, wheeled loungers, such as our VILA or LAGO models are perfect for easily distributing around your terrace as well as for storing when they are not in use. 

For very small spaces with a more casual style, try sofas, such as our MARINE model. This sofa is available as an individual unit, as a corner unit, or as an intermediate unit so that you can combine them to your taste. It is also available as a pouffe, which is ideal as an additional element of seating. 

Apart from comfort, other features such as resistance are of great importance. Choosing furniture made from resistant materials and fabrics will prevent wear and tear over time, particularly due to being exposed to the sun or to humidity. For example, waterproof fabrics, such as our NAUTIC lounge chair cushion, make your relaxation area easier to maintain and to clean, particularly if you have a pool or fountains nearby. 

To complete your space and to make your customers’ stay more enjoyable, you will undoubtedly require some side tables. These are both an aesthetic and practical element. At Ezpeleta you will find the VILA table, available in three colours, which perfectly combines with all our range of lounge product.

Think beyond the furniture

In addition to choosing the perfect furniture, remember that there are other factors to keep in mind for your relaxation area, such as the lighting. To create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, go for softer and warmer lighting than you would find on a conventional terrace, and make use of candles, lanterns, light garlands, etc. 

Other accessories, such textiles, vases or rugs, will also be decisive in achieving the aesthetic you are looking for and will help to make your space more welcoming. 

Lastly, decorating your space with flowers and plants and creating an ambience with relaxing music will convey the peace and quiet that your customers are looking for in your relaxation area. 

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