Wednesday, 15 Mar 2023

Get your terrace ready for Easter with Ezpeleta

Spring is just around the corner and that means Easter is fast approaching too. In the face of these relaxing days and good weather, in this blog post we give you all of the tips you need to overhaul your terrace with our outdoor furniture.  

Bear in mind the weather in your area

Firstly, to be able to choose the furniture to suit your terrace, you need to pay attention to the climate in your location. Spring is the most unstable season, so it is important to consider any unexpected weather, like wind or rain. In this regard, parasols are an essential item.

If your business is situated in a coastal area with little rain, your parasol needs to be resistant so sunlight. For that reason, Ezpeleta's parasols are made using olefin fabric, which provides greater resistance to the sun’s rays. Additionally, they hold the UV STANDARD 801 certification, with a UPF rating of 80, which guarantees the skin’s protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. 


If we're talking about design and aesthetics, you should choose models that match your location. For that reason, if your terrace is on the coast, surrounded by nature, our MANILA model is perfect. If, on the other hand, your terrace is situated in an inland city with a changing climate, a waterproof fabric model like our RIO parasol is the most appropriate.

Measure the space properly

Secondly, to make the most of your terrace, you should bear in mind the options of your outdoor space. If it is very large, you can divide it into different areas; for example, a dining area and chill out area. Ideally, you should use space dividers to distinguish different spaces, like our SIENA model, which also offers your customers more privacy.

If you have a smaller outdoor area, you should lay the furniture out as practically as possible. For small terraces, high tables like our QUATRO HIGH FIX model, and the high stools, like our ATTIC stool are fantastic options. Similarly, it is important to choose stackable chairs like the ones we have at Ezpeleta to free up space when you aren’t using the terrace.

Similarly, it is important to choose stackable chairs like the ones we have at Ezpeleta

Aim for aesthetics and harmony

In addition to taking into account the functionality of your furniture, you should aim for an aesthetic that suits your brand, since this is what usually invites customers to choose your terrace over another. The spring season is a perfect time to redesign your terrace, adding colour and a unique style. For example, our new BAKE chair combines two different colours in one model. This duality will add a huge dose of dynamism to your outdoor space!

For example, our new BAKE chair combines two different colours in one model

Harmony between colours and shapes is one of the main aspects that makes a space look attractive. Having a single supplier can help you in finding that consistency. That’s why, at Ezpeleta, our catalogue contains a wide range of outdoor furniture that can be combined with each other, in multiple designs and materials. For example, our HOP chair, with a beautiful herringbone design on the backrest, is the perfect model for our QUATRO FOLD table. 

In addition to choosing the colours, materials and shapes to suit your terrace’s style, you should look after details such as tidiness and cleaning. To ensure the task isn’t laborious and to ensure your furniture stays in good condition, choose furniture made of robust materials which is simple to maintain. Our furniture, mostly made in fibreglass reinforced polypropylene, boasts all of these benefits.

For example, our HOP chair, with a beautiful herringbone design on the backrest

Look after every detail in terms of décor

Finally, attach importance to the details. The current trend in décor is to choose modest over fussy. By this, we mean finding a balanced aesthetic, without any visual noise, which doesn’t randomly mix different styles of décor. An element that never fails when it comes to decorating any space, and even more so at this time of year, is plants. Whether free-standing, on the walls, or in the centre of a table, they will liven up your terrace immensely. 

Good lighting is also vital on any terrace, particularly in the evening. Some of the best options are longer lasting and sustainable LED lights or solar lights, ideal for the coming seasons.

If you apply these tips as soon as possible, your terrace will be ready for Easter in record time.  

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