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Protect your customers from the UVA rays with a good parasol

With the arrival of spring and the increase in temperatures, an increasing number of customers will want to sit on your terrace. So that they can enjoy this space to the maximum, we recommend you use some high quality parasols for hospitality that protect them from UV rays and other discomforts.

Thanks to the winter and reduced exposure to the sun during lockdown, their skin is not adapted to UVA rays and they may get sunburned easily. To prevent this, the best thing to do is choose a good parasol. Some people fall into the trap of thinking that all parasols are the same, when the truth is there are a wide variety on the market. We aren’t just talking about colours and designs, but also different materials and fabrics and, therefore, different levels of protection.

In this article we tell you about the most common options of parasols and their features, so you can choose the one that best suits the requirements of your terrace.

Parasol Palma, Ezpeleta

Parasols that reduce heat and protect from the sun

People are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of exposing themselves to the sun over several hours. For this reason, when they want to go to a terrace, they will head towards the one that has good parasols where they can sit for a while in the shade without worrying about getting sunburned.

This is why we recommend you choose a parasol that protects your customers from the UVA rays and that you use it even on overcast days. As you already know, UVA rays penetrate the atmosphere and reach the ground all year round, regardless of the weather. So we encourage you to choose your parasol carefully and use it even when the sky is overcast to protect your customers’ eyes and skin.

To find out the level of protection of a parasol, we advise you to check if it has the UV Standard 801 certification since it measures the solar protection rating of the fabrics, guaranteeing their effectiveness.

Apart from solar protection, try to choose the one that also provides your customers with thermal comfort and protects your furniture from overheating and a fast deterioration. Choose durable and non-permeable fabrics to prevent the drawbacks of the sun, stop the wind and prevent rain from soaking your guests. And for the finishing touch, you could add dividers since, in addition to curbing the wind, they give the feeling of privacy.

Furthermore, for greater comfort, we suggest you choose a flexible side pole that you can tilt according to the sun’s direction. This will provide an extra benefit to the customer since they will always be protected, regardless of the time of day. At Ezpeleta, we have the FLEXO parasol, with a side pole and that can rotate to the customer’s liking. We have them in a variety of colours, you can choose the pole in black or white and the Olefin top comes in a wider range of colours.

Parasol Flexo, Ezpeleta

Olefin fabric, the most efficient material in parasols for hospitality

Bearing these details in mind, a material that stands out above all others is Olefin. This fabric is manufactured with polypropylene thread which has been mass-dyed in its initial process. This gives it a high resistance to sunlight since the colour remains fixed in the thread with a greater intensity than in other processes.

One of the great advantages is its UPF 80 certification, the highest ultraviolet protection rating that exists. Added to this is the fact that it is a stain-resistant material that repels water and is fully recyclable. At Ezpeleta, most of our parasols are made using this material. Take a look at our catalogue and you will be able to find a variety of designs using this innovative fibre.

Another fabric that is often used in parasols is dralon, a synthetic fibre that looks attractive, is easy to clean and dries quickly. Its shade will cool your customers down on sunny days and its colours give a good resistance to the sun. There are also polyester parasols which offer a good value for money and protect against UVA rays. One of the disadvantages would be that they discolour easily in the sun. On the other hand, we have polycotton, a material that combines natural cotton fibres and synthetic material. Its benefits include its high durability and ease of washing and drying.

Although all of the fibres mentioned have their advantages, Olefin is most certainly the one that meets all of the requirements of an effective fabric for parasols, taking into account the demands of the hospitality sector. That’s why we have made a commitment to it in recent years.

Parasol Toscana, Ezpeleta

If you still don’t have your terrace protected from UVA rays, we encourage you to take a look at the variety of Olefin parasols we have available for you and that you can buy from our distributors. All of them are designed, manufactured and produced by Ezpeleta in a wide range of sizes, qualities and finishes. Our mission is to offer our customers the best products, meeting the highest quality standards. In the case of parasols, we offer your hotel, bar or restaurant robust, sustainable, affordable and stylish parasols.

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