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Ideas to separate outdoor areas in restaurants and bars

When it comes to embarking on an outdoor furniture project for hospitality, the first thing people usually think of are the tables, chairs, parasols or décor. It sometimes happens that space dividers are forgotten. However, their role is vital. They don’t just enable us to enclose our terrace, separating it from the terraces of the adjacent competition, they also protect it from noise, wind and rain, create a feeling of privacy and complete your design.

As if that wasn’t enough, in recent months, space dividers have become the protagonist of terraces around the world. Thanks to its natural function of separating spaces, we have been able to use them to add a new barrier of protection against Covid-19, offering greater safety for our clientele.

For all of these reasons, if you still don’t have space dividers on your terrace, we advise you to consider incorporating them. In this article we give you some ideas to separate areas and some tips on choosing the most appropriate space divider according to your needs.

Types of space dividers for hospitality

When including space dividers on our terrace, it is important that we are clear about the role we want them to play.

If, for example, we have a very large terrace, we may want to include them to separate the interior space, creating different areas. For example, a dining area, a chillout area and a children’s area.

In this case, we can choose more discreet dividers that complete the landscaping of the space, giving it life.

For example, classic planters can meet our expectations in terms of function and décor. Another fashionable option are vertical gardens, which give a more modern look while also being functional and decorative. It may seem obvious, but remember that choosing these separating elements means a commitment to caring for the plants. Otherwise, the feeling you will invoke in your customers will be disastrous.

Along the same lines, we can find screens, trellises and space dividers made from materials such as wood and bamboo. These solutions provide an organic touch to the décor, helping us to create more pleasant spaces and with a marked aesthetic, from rustic to contemporary or minimalist. However, bear in mind that, so they always look perfect, they may require more maintenance due to the exposure of the materials to humidity, sun and wind.

Finally, elements such as border edging, posts or lanterns will help you to enclose the different spaces, creating, in addition, a looked after and pleasant surroundings that your customers will love and will come back to, time and time again.

That said, if we want to separate the exterior of our terrace, these solutions may fall short, since they can have shortcomings in terms of shielding the space because they are not tall enough, they are made of porous materials or they have open designs, for example. This is particularly the case if the terrace is situated in an urban environment, attached to other terraces or exposed constantly to the wind or rain.

In these cases, we should opt for professional space dividers for hospitality. Although, at first, they can look less interesting on a visual and aesthetic level, we will see that they are full of advantages.

Space divider Siena System, Ezpeleta

Modular space dividers: total protection for your terrace and your customers

The modular space dividers for restaurants, bars and hotels are structures that visually segment the space and add privacy to the terrace, available in various sizes and finishes.

However, unlike other space dividers we mentioned earlier, such as planters and trellises, thanks to their design and materials, they can offer us a very high protection against noise, gusts of wind and rain.

In the case of SIENA space dividers from Ezpeleta, we work with a lacquered and anodised aluminium structure and a screen made in two different materials: Olefin fabric with PVC screen and methacrylate.

The Olefin fabric is manufactured with polypropylene thread which has been mass-dyed in its initial process. This gives it a high resistance to sunlight since the colour remains fixed in the thread of the fabric with a greater intensity than in other processes. In addition, being opaque, if offers greater privacy, with a transparent PVC screen to lighten it and let the light pass through. It is water repellent, stain resistant and 100% recyclable.

In turn, the methacrylate will be the ideal option if we are looking for a completely transparent space divider which, in addition, is highly resistant, lightweight and a fantastic thermal and acoustic insulator.

Whichever option you are more interested in, it is important to highlight that both materials guarantee a great durability and are very simple to maintain, facilitating cleaning and disinfection tasks to the maximum, something which is so important nowadays.

In fact, thinking about the current context of the health crisis caused by coronavirus, at Ezpeleta we wanted to take a step further, adding the option of incorporating a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser to all of our SIENA space dividers.

Anchored to the space divider and placed at an optimum height, it has the necessary hold to withstand a continued use. That way, it will always be visible and convenient to use, facilitating the compliance of health and safety measures on your terrace.

Space divider Siena System, Ezpeleta

Functionality without foregoing aesthetics in our space dividers

On the other hand, if you want to create dynamic spaces that are easy to transform or move, or if you need to tidy the space dividers away along with the rest of the terrace, modular space dividers are also the best option.

Since they are made using lightweight materials such as Olefin and methacrylate, we can move them very easily. Furthermore, all of the Ezpeleta space dividers incorporate wheels, which enables us to minimise the effort and time used on these tasks.

To all of this, we must add that the professional space dividers for hospitality are customisable. In other words, if you want to, you can add your company's logo so it is clear at a glance which establishment each terrace belongs to.

Finally, if we want to add an aesthetic and decorative touch to our modular space dividers, the ideal solution is space dividers with planters. This option is available in our SIENA modules, both in MINI and MAXI size.

Now it’s your turn. What are the needs that the space dividers on your terrace need to cover? Do you prefer a more open finish or more private finish? What dimensions do you require for your space dividers? These are some of the questions that will help you to choose the perfect space divider for your outdoor space.

If you like, we can help you to answer all of these questions and find the best solution to meet your needs. You just need to call us or complete this form and we will contact you with your nearest distributor.

Space divider Siena System, Ezpeleta

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