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How to redecorate your lounge terrace

Lounge terraces and restaurants are ideal places to enjoy a good time in good company. They are always full, regardless of the time of year. That’s why every business should think about their decor, design, lighting, furniture and, above all, their comfort level.

This blog post tells you the essentials for redecorating that rooftop bar that lacks enough personality to attract attention. You just need to apply our six tips for your outdoor space to become the trendiest place in your city.

Best of all, you won't need a huge budget or a lot of time to redecorate your lounge terrace, you will just need a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of inspiration.

Tumbonas en terraza lounge.

Tips for an attractive lounge terrace


1. For consistency, focus on a single style

Choose the decor that you prefer and apply it in all areas, don’t mix trends and styles for no reason, you should always aim for visual consistency. For example, if you lean towards a rustic style, don’t mix this with an industrial style without a strong reason for doing so, it will look like your project has not been well thought out.

There are thousands of design styles for redecorating your lounge terrace and turning it into something new, but the most recommended for this type of setting are: Mediterranean style, using wicker decor and cream-coloured loungers, rustic style, with lots of wood and natural textures, or boho style, with esparto rugs and different prints and patterns.

2. Take maximum advantage of space whenever you can

Hammocks, sun loungers, chairs, tables, sofas, pouffes... You should choose what you like best for your rooftop and arrange it in a way that is not too fussy. Lack of space is the most uncomfortable thing in a lounge terrace. Our tip: choose sun loungers like our LAGO model that are easy to move, which makes laying them out easier.


3. Choose your furniture carefully

It's important to choose furniture that is comfortable, easy to clean and available in different colours, so that you can combine it with all your decorative elements. We recommend you take a look at our 2023 catalogue. You’ll find all the furniture you need to redecorate your lounge terrace!

4. Take care with lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects when redecorating your rooftop bar, it will add a special and unique touch. In these cases, opting for warm light is always the best option; it will add a more comfortable and cosy atmosphere to your outdoor space. Lanterns and decorative LED string lights are a great choice.

5. Don’t forget the decorative elements

As far as decorative elements are concerned the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination flow and let yourself be carried away by the current trends: natural and sustainable fabrics, green colours, earthy tones and lots of plants. In this sense, you can choose the objects you like best: rugs, candles, vases, lamps, flowerpots, wicker baskets, blankets, cushions, etc.

Terraza con piscina y tumbonas de Ezpeleta.



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