Thursday, 26 Jan 2023

Earth colours in furniture and décor

When it comes to creating a new project and thinking about your furniture and décor, one of the most difficult aspects to choose are the colours. That’s why we recommend using a colour palette that never goes out of fashion: earth colours. This colour range creates inviting, natural and sustainable spaces, to suit any time of year. It isn't exclusive to autumn, as many people might think. For example, in winter, brown tones remind us of leaves from the trees, while in summer, sandy colours transport us to the beach.

The earth colour palette is extensive and you can choose the tone that best suits your project and combine it with other earth colours or with other colours from the colour circle. Beige, brown, auburn, sand, ochre, orange....the possibilities are endless!


Earth colours create natural settings

These earth colours are perfect for creating inviting and very comfortable spaces, resulting in a warm and pleasant setting. These tones remind us of nature; of a forest, the beach or a waterfall, relaxing us and enveloping us in a world of calmness.

By applying these colours to walls, floors, furniture or decorative elements, you will achieve outdoor or indoor spaces with a great deal of visual consistency. In the same way, these types of colours create open spaces, which are relaxing and very elegant, where beige tones, browns, ochres and whites predominate.

These colours are the most widely used in large rooms and spaces where natural fabrics and materials take precedence: wood, linen, esparto, etc. These elements will also add a more natural touch to your project.

A sustainable colour palette

If your terrace is located by the beach or mountain, or even in the city, and it has recyclable furniture, like that at Ezpeleta, using earth colours is a great choice.

How to combine earth colours?

Once you have chosen this colour palette, one of the most complicated tasks is combining it to make the most of your space. For that reason, we’re giving you some tips so you don't overlook a single detail. 

Firstly, go for lighter colours if you want to increase the natural light and opt for more brightness, whereas your allies are darker tones if your goal is to add depth. For example, use a dark brown tone for one of your walls and combine it with the others in a light beige. 

When it comes to decorative elements, use terracotta colours to grab attention and add personality, but don’t over-use it, or it may look too fussy. If you want to add a groundbreaking and innovative touch, copper and red tones are the ideal option. 

One last tip! Don’t be afraid to combine more than three colours from the same colour palette. In the case of the earth colour palette, it’s never too much. These tones always combine well with each other and the setting won’t look overdone. And as they are neutral colours, you can always combine them with other colours like blue or yellow.


Ezpeleta furniture in earth colours

Here at Ezpeleta, earth colours are a must. A large number of our products are available in tones from this colour range, and some products have a combination of two earth colours, like our new BAKE chair. In this model, the combination of taupe and sand is the most suitable for minimalist and ‘aesthetic’ terraces. 

Alternatively, choose tables with a wooden tabletop so nature is present in all your projects. And if you combine them with a white or taupe’s bound to be a winner! Get inspiration from our QUATRO DUO FIX or MONACO models. 

As for parasols, pay attention to the fabric and the structure. Use combinations of earth colours that add light. Sand, taupe or mocha earth colours never fail. Our PALMA and JAVA models are available in these tones. However, if you want to take a risk with natural fabrics in these colours, the MANILA parasol parasol never disappoints. 

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