Thursday, 17 Dec 2020

Eolo Pureti, Winner of the “Best Sustainable Supplier” prize at the 2020 Nestlé Supplier Awards

The Eolo Pureti anti-pollution parasol has won yet another award; this time around it has been declared the first-ever winner of the “Best Sustainable Supplier” prize at the Nestle Supplier Awards. This prize awards the best initiatives in the areas of Individuals and Families, Communities and the Planet, which are in line with Nestlé’s main purpose: to unlock the power of food to enhance the quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come.

Nestlé Portugal’s business partners in its different areas of activity: raw materials, packaging materials and services were invited to participate in this initiative in which suppliers were offered the chance to share good innovative practices in the environmental field, in support of the communities in which the companies are working, and to the benefit of their consumers. It also gave Nestlé the opportunity to work with its partners to align its commitments in these three impact areas, with its main ambition being to achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

According to Paolo Fagnoni, General Director of Nestlé Portugal, “we are very proud of this prize as it allows us to recognise the commitment that is being made by many companies in different activity areas to protect the environment and to create shared value throughout their production chains. Our suppliers form part of our value chain, and that is why we believe that these types of initiatives are crucial for maintaining solid relationships, as, if we wish to ensure the success of these businesses and extend the positive impact that these companies are contributing to, these relationships are essential“.

Ezpeleta’s project, Eolo Pureti was awarded first prize thanks to its positive environmental impact. This project for the production of parasols that remove pollutants from circulating air has already been implemented in the country. The fabric used to produce these parasols neutralises the gases released by vehicles and other harmful substances thanks to the inclusion of disruptive photocatalytic nanotechnology manufactured by the American company Pureti, which signed an agreement with Ezpeleta for the development of these innovative parasols. This treatment is applied to the fabric, and upon contact with sunlight and air humidity, it removes harmful substances, cleaning the air we breathe.

According to Miguel Ardao, General Director of the Ezpeleta GroupIt is very reassuring for all of the Ezpeleta team to see that big companies such as Nestlé are looking at ways to award the sustainability of projects. Only companies with this level of social relevance can provide the visibility that these types of projects need. Nestlé has always prided itself on producing products that help care for people, and so it makes sense that they are now organising initiatives such as these and awarding these sorts of prizes. These prizes give us the encouragement we need to continue developing more projects like this one.”

EOLO. Anti-pollution parasol, 100% recyclable.

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