Thursday, 10 Mar 2022

How to create a terrace that is in keeping with your brand

This is one of the main elements for the successful and proper design of the spaces within an establishment, including outdoor spaces. Finding an attractive design for your terrace is essential in order to capture the attention of your potential customers. 

The terrace at your premises should have well thought-out aesthetics and quality furniture that complements your image and your brand. If you are planning to refurbish your terrace or to design a new one, we would like to give you some ideas on how to decorate and furnish your outdoor space so that it attracts new customers who will want to return and who will recommend your establishment to others.

Choose a terrace that is in keeping with your brand image

The design of your terrace will help you to promote your brand identity. In order to do this, your design should be in keeping with the elements that constitute your corporate image, such as, among other things, the name of your business, its logo and colours. It is also important to be aware of the image you want to communicate and which section of the public you want to reach. 

Once this is clear, there are various actions that you could take to help you reinforce your brand identity in your outdoor space. One of these is to include your corporate colours in the outdoor furniture, for example in chairs, tables, parasols and other elements that may be seen by people walking along the street.  You can also include them in smaller elements that are used with the furniture, such as coasters and napkin holders. 

Another way to reinforce your brand identity is to include elements that give added value to your terrace and which may catch the eye of your potential customer. For example, if families come to your business, you can offer options for the children to entertain themselves while their parents relax.  

Another quite frequent idea is to include other environments within the same terrace, where customers can relax and spend a time while they wait for a table. A lounge space could be set up for this with sofas and soft stools on which customers can relax and have a drink. 

There are also other important details which can sometimes be forgotten but which have an important impact on the customer’s opinion of your premises and your business: these are cleanliness and tidiness. Quality furniture and attractive décor are essential, but they serve no purpose if the terrace is unkempt and dirty.  

Choose furniture that is best suited to your customer’s needs

Choosing furniture for your terrace may be a difficult task.  So we want to give you some guidelines on how to choose furniture that is best suited to your needs, and to those of your customers, keeping in mind the style of your premises and the amount of space you have available. 

Firstly, keep the size of the space in mind so that you can arrange all the elements of the different environments appropriately. We recommend that you find a professional who specialises in terrace design to give you advice. At Ezpeleta, we have years of experience creating comprehensive terrace projects.  Our distributors have a team of specialist professionals that can advise you on which of our products best fit in with your requirements. Additionally, on our website you will find projects that we have taken part in, which may provide you with some inspiration.  

Once you are clear about the space you have available, the next step is to choose the furniture using two essential requirements: that it is functional and attractive.  

For practical reasons, you need furniture that has certain characteristics.  On the one hand, you need quality furniture that guarantees long-term durability and toughness.  For this, you need to choose the more hard-wearing materials, such as polypropylene which, because of its many advantages, is part of all the new furniture from Ezpeleta.

It is also essential that the furniture is comfortable for the customer, so that they can fully enjoy their experience.  As well for the staff who work there, to help them to do their work as well as possible and thereby provide a good service.  At Ezpeleta we have furniture that complies with these requirements. In our catalogue you can find ergonomic chairs with armrests for your customers’ comfort and which are also easy to clean, so they will also be helpful for your staff. 

Likewise, it is important that the furniture is practical and, for this purpose, you need to keep in mind whether your outside space is large or small. For small terraces, it is crucial to choose furniture that doesn’t get in the way of people’s movement. In this case, a good solution is to choose tall tables and stools, which occupy much less space, and if they are stackable, that’s even better. 

For large spaces there is more room to manoeuvre.  Apart from having tables and chairs, you can add new elements, such as parasols or space dividers that will protect your customers from inclement weather and give them greater privacy.  If you would like your terrace to consist of various settings, you can also design a lounge space with furniture to relax on like sofas and daybeds. 

At Ezpeleta, we have a large variety of furniture that can adapt to different spaces and styles. So if you want some ideas about how to decorate your outside space, we recommend that you take a look at our new catalogue of terrace furniture. 

Remember: An attractive image will capture the attention of potential customers, but quality furniture is what will make them enjoy the experience and encourage them to return. 



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