Monte Real Yacht Club, Baiona

The project

Monte Real Yacht Club, Baiona

Baiona, España


Baiona is a medieval town located in the southern part of the Rías Baixas in Pontevedra. Its maritime character is unmistakable: it is impossible to imagine its coastline without the innumerable fishing boats that are dotted along its length.


The same can be said for its gastronomy: a real delight based on the best produce offered by its seas, seafood and fish of unequalled flavour.

In Baiona, the sea is not just for fishing. Lovers of nautical tourism come here from all over the world to enjoy the Vigo estuary and its environs. This isn't a new thing. On the 20th of June 1964, the Monte Real Yacht Club was founded in the town. The yacht club was based on two fundamental principles: promoting international tourism and organising regattas. 

From its foundation, the Monte Real Yacht Club has occupied the walled 14th century precinct known as the Batería del Cangrejo, on Baiona's Monterreal peninsula. Located at the end of the Vigo estuary and a little over 5 miles from the Islas Cíes archipelago, the MRYC marina is one of the most prestigious in all of Spain, and a leading port for vessels from all over the world. 

Our distributor was commissioned for this project to create a facility for the club's terrace, where full use of the space was required while fully respecting the club's corporate image and choosing classic quality furniture, but with a nautical touch.  

An installation was designed that is notable for its elegance and the harmony it has achieved within the surroundings of the walled precinct at the club by using a colour combination of taupe and white. The taupe colour perfectly blends with this historic environment, while the white gives it that nautical aspect which is so appropriate for this type of establishment. 

The Ezpeleta table chosen was the FOUR FOLD in white. It has a Mediterranean quality and a single central column, allowing for greater use of space. Its folding system enables it to be stored easily when not in use. The base is made from polypropylene, which makes it easy to clean and prevents wear.  It also has height regulators to help avoid those occasional uneven surfaces.  

As for the chairs, LAND was the model chosen, this time in a taupe colour. This chair has a rounded shape, is ergonomic and elegant. It has an aluminium structure which makes it both lightweight and hard-wearing. It is finished off with a seat and backrest made from a high-quality, anti-bacterial, anti-damp and stain-resistant Phifertex® material which is attached to the structure by a system of screws. 

Lastly, the project was completed with the FLEXO parasol with a white-coloured mounting and a taupe-coloured material to fit in with the rest of the installation. The choice of this model was motivated by the space requirements: it was necessary to fully adjust to the space between the tables and, at the same time, provide the necessary shade for an elevated and somewhat breezy area. Considering all this, our distributor and the establishment found that the FLEXO parasol was the ideal solution, due to its side pole format and its innovative wind resistance system, which is unique on the market. The final touch was provided through personalising the parasols by printing the insignia of the Monte Real Yacht Club. 

This project is a great example of an installation which has taken note of all the elements, both on an aesthetic as well as a functional level, and it has achieved perfect integration by combining the two colours in the furniture.