Monday, 24 Apr 2023

The importance of manufacturing local products

Local products, also known as zero-mile products, are becoming increasingly important. These are products that are manufactured and sold within a geographical area that is close to the end customer, as is the case for our furniture at  Ezpeleta.

Keep reading to discover the advantages and why this is becoming so important today. 

The advantages of local products

The manufacture and sale of these products delivers great benefits, both to the manufacturer and to the consumer and society in general. 

Firstly, its worth highlighting that the reason these products began to deliver such value is due to their low environmental impact.  Apart from promoting the use of sustainable and recyclable materials, using local materials reduces the impacts produced by distribution and transportation, two processes that have a negative impact on the environment.  

In addition to this main benefit, supporting the manufacture of local products also allows for the adaptation, personalisation and design of the products. Being closer to the purchaser, it is easier to obtain their feedback and get to know their tastes and opinions. Because of this, manufacturers can adapt much better to the needs and preferences of the consumer, as they are in direct contact with them. 

The local economy and employment are also boosted through the use of local materials and the possibility of working with suppliers, designers or artisans of the area. 

Lastly, another great benefit for manufacturers of local products is that they have greater control over the production process, and they can guarantee traceability of the products, which is reflected in the quality and security for the consumer. 

Ezpeleta and local products

In summary, local products have great advantages, ranging from their high quality to boosting the local economy and sustainability. That is why our main factory is located in Vila Nova de Cerveira, a small Portuguese village near the border between Portugal and Galicia, our two core markets. 

By choosing Ezpeleta to furnish your outdoor spaces you are getting quality and design, but you will also be contributing to sustainable development and local production, something which has always been a priority for us.

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