Tuesday, 18 Oct 2022

Outdoor furniture design at Ezpeleta

The terraces of your establishment are also a distinguishing element during the colder seasons of the year, as not all customers prefer to be indoors during the winter. For this reason, outdoor furniture design continues to be a key factor when creating an outdoor space which has its own personality. If you want to make your terrace complete, but affordable, there are three essential pieces of furniture for outdoor design that you should keep in mind: chairs, tables and parasols. 

In this blog post we recommend the most suitable models for this season and we give you the keys for combining them in the most attractive and convenient way possible. Follow this advice to achieve a terrace that is functional and comfortable, both for the customer and for assembling it. Also, choose the ideal design and you will achieve a very beautiful space. The difference lies in good taste!

The table, a key element of outdoor furniture design

There are many types of tables at Ezpeleta. Tall, low, round, rectangular, with four legs or with just one… We also have many different table models so that you can choose the one that best adapts to your space and the needs of your customers. For example, if your terrace is small and you are looking for a more urban “chic” style, the tall URBAN tables are the ideal choice and you can combine them with our ATTIC stool.  If, on the other hand, you prefer more classic furniture for your outdoor space, the MEET table will create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere at the same time. 

The MEET table has a light and modern design and can be complemented by our range of chairs. It is available in eight colours, which you can combine with together to create a two-colour table with a great deal of presence.  You will also find it in different sizes, to help you keep in mind the usual group numbers that frequent your establishment. In short, it is a very easy table to clean and to use, and it is stackable.  

Comfortable chairs for outdoor design

Just like the tables, the chairs are also an important element of the terrace in winter. With these, the aspects to be aware of when choosing this piece of furniture include keeping in mind the material they are made of, so that they are not too cold or they don’t take too long to dry off if they get wet. That is why models such as the ROD, FADO or TOWN are the most sought-after during the colder seasons.  

Apart from the materials, comfort is an essential for the terrace chair, to ensure that customers spend as much time as possible in your establishment. Having arm rests or having non-slip studs for rainy days is also a point in favour of the Ezpeleta outdoor design.

Ezpeleta parasols for terraces

It’s a mistake to think that you don’t need parasols in winter. This continues to be an essential element on your terrace regardless of the season, as it gathers the remaining furniture and protects your customers from the wind and rain. That is why, when looking for a parasol for your terrace, you should keep in mind that it should be resistant and have waterproof material. That way your choice will hit the mark.  

At Ezpeleta we are aware of everything a parasol needs in winter, so our products possess the appropriate technology and materials to stand up to a rainy or a windy day. In this sense, our FORMENTERA WATERPROOF or RIO parasols are innovative models with distinguishing features, such as waterproof fabrics.

How do you combine outdoor furniture design?

Once you have chosen the outdoor furniture design that is perfect for your establishment, you need to create an original combination of these three elements in order to achieve a unique and original space. To do this, you can combine colours and shapes in a way that most pleases you. However, always focus on the needs of your customers… Don’t choose chairs that are too low or tables that are too small if you always have large groups of diners! 

What do we recommend? The DOCK chair in shades of white or taupe, the MONACO table with an oak-coloured table top and a white structure, all under our VIGO parasol in a sand colour. It’s all about neutral and autumnal colours that will create a pleasant environment in any city.  

If you follow all our advice and apply it in your search for an outdoor furniture design, you will achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

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