Villa Luminoza. Guadeloupe

The project

Villa Luminoza. Guadeloupe



Guadeloupe is an archipelago of idyllic islands located in the Caribbean sea, which forms part of the famous Antilles. It is an overseas region of France, where the idyllic beaches, crystal clear waters, imposing waterfalls and lush forests make up a dream-like landscape.


Its main island, Grande - Terre, shaped like a butterfly in the sea, is home to Villa Luminoza*****, a spectacular 5-star villa. This luxury accommodation, with modern architecture and 280m2, is designed to maintain the privacy of each guest, while also providing an extremely comfortable setting to get together with family and friends. It boasts five suites, a communal space of 90m2, a beautiful 30m2 covered terrace and a large salt water infinity pool.

To turn this luxury villa into a comfortable space with a great deal of character and the ability to convey all of the essence of the Caribbean to its guests, our client Claire Ambiance took charge of this project.  Various products from Ezpeleta were used to achieve an optimum adaptation and harmony between the setting, décor and furniture. 

The FADO chair was chosen for the dining area, to accompany a natural wood square table. In this case, the taupe colour was chosen, in order to add more visual balance to the outside area. In this sense, the aim was to create a space decorated with warm colours that were in perfect harmony with the natural landscape surrounding Villa Luminoza.

In the kitchen, however, the ambience is more minimalist and elegant, so white ATTIC stools were placed around a large black breakfast bar. This model is perfect for creating a more spacious kitchen and achieving a casual, yet exclusive, style.

For the large, covered terrace, the TOWN chair was chosen in its option without armrests and in white, to maximise the use of space. They were placed around a large, white and rectangular shaped table. The white colour of the furniture and blue tones of some of the furnishings, are the ideal combination to achieve a seafaring style. 

Finally, for the swimming pool, the villa’s main area of relaxation, the VILA sun lounger was chosen in taupe. This colour combines well with the accommodation’s materials, such as the wooden flooring. Thanks to this, and to various elements of décor that also use this colour, such as the blinds, the VILA sun lounger fits perfectly into Villa Luminoza's outdoor space.

All of this has achieved an idyllic place where you can enjoy the nature, exclusivity and comfort offered by a place of these characteristics, where the furniture and décor play such a crucial role.