Creperie Bretonne Terrace, Patos

The project

Creperie Bretonne Terrace, Patos

Patos, Nigrán, Galicia



FADO chair, ONE table.

Galicia boasts thousands of magical corners, full of life and immeasurable beauty, and Patos Beach is one of them. This iconic beach of the Val Miñor valley is located in Nigrán and its fine and white sand stretches more than 1.4km. Additionally, it is one of the key places in the province of Pontevedra for water sports: windsurfing, surfing, bodyboarding, paddleboarding...


Patos is one of the most dynamic and action-packed areas of Nigrán, since the summer season with its multitude of activities attracts an increase in tourism. In this active, yet relaxing, setting we can find a beachfront establishment that captures every visitor’s attention: Creperie Bretonne. A restaurant that reflects the similarities between Galicia and Brittany in France, in terms of culture and landscape, as well as gastronomy.  A place where its original terrace and typically Breton décor combine perfectly with its traditional, yet modern, crepes. 

In terms of the design of this terrace, where you can delight in French cuisine with fresh and quality produce, we worked with our distributor to furnish it with products from Ezpeleta. They were looking to create a welcoming, contained and comfortable space, where people can enjoy good gastronomy with the Cíes Islands as a backdrop. And this was the result!

In designing the setup, the combination of the sand colour, softer and integrated with the surroundings, with the mustard colour, a tone that adds strength and personality, is striking. All of this creates a very dynamic and lively space, which is completed with the establishment’s dark green façade. 

The furniture used in this project consists of the ONE table and FADO chair which, together, create an elegant and appealing ambience. The ONE table, designed by Aitor García de Vicuña from AGV Estudio and made using the same materials and colours as our chairs, was chosen in sand and oak for Creperie Bretonne. 

This model was chosen because of its robustness and durability provided by its four fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene legs. Since it is located by the sea, these characteristics were essential to guarantee a longer life cycle of the products. Design, colour and practicality are some of the qualities that our ONE table adds to this project.

To accompany this table, the FADO chair was chosen in sand and mustard colours. A 100% recyclable model, made in and inspired by Portugal, whose round and ergonomic shapes make this an extremely comfortable chair, perfect for enjoying delicious French gastronomy.