Sibarita Bar&Shop in Vigo, Galicia

The project

Sibarita Bar&Shop in Vigo, Galicia

Vigo, Galicia, Spain.


The south-west of Galicia, in the heart of the Rias Baixas, is home to one of the most important cities of this Autonomous Community: Vigo. A city that combines its vibrant urban life with natural and stunning landscapes like the Cíes Islands.


This new project is nestled in the heart of Vigo, a city with a seafaring tradition and a tireless entrepreneurial spirit. It is surrounded by an environment that is filled with leisure and entertainment, with something for all tastes and ages. The Bar&Shop Sibarita is situated in the “Casco Vello” or historic quarter of the olive city, in the new pedestrianised area of the Puerta del Sol. It is a venue that opts for fusion cuisine by combining Galician cuisine and international gastronomy.

To create an elegant yet disruptive setting, which is consistent with Sibarita’s values, the owner of this establishment, together with Raúl Lamarca, chose the following furniture from Ezpeleta: 

For the indoor area, high tables were chosen to make the most of the space and add a more chic touch. For that reason, the URBAN table is the right choice, as it features a practical polyamide elbow joining mechanism, making it a highly practical model. Additionally, this table is available in several finishes for optimum integration with your surroundings. In terms of colours, the anthracite tone was chosen, to add a more understated and elegant look.



To accompany this high table, they opted for the ATTIC high stool, as both pieces of furniture go together perfectly. In addition to providing modernity and functionality, this model is available in striking colours, such as BRICK, which creates projects with a lot of personality.

The outdoor area features low tables, although the understated and elegant look of the interior space is maintained. In this case, the MONACO table was chosen in anthracite, a fantastic choice for use by a large number of customers. 

The ROD chair in anthracite stands out on the terrace, maintaining the visual consistency with the interior space. To make it more ground-breaking and original, the terrace was finished off with FLEXO parasols in burgundy, a highly creative way of making the most of space and attracting the attention of passers-by. Who dares wins!