Pazo da Buzaca. Pepe Vieira in Moraña, Galicia

Pazo da Buzaca es una localización idílica destinada a la celebración de bodas y eventos, de la mano del conocido chef con Estrella Michelín Pepe Vieira.
Para lograr un ambiente elegante y neutro acorde a la decoración habitual de los eventos que acoge el pazo, el parasol de gran formato RIO se seleccionó en  color antracita, tanto en el tejido, como en la estructura.

The project

Pazo da Buzaca. Pepe Vieira in Moraña, Galicia

Moraña, Galicia.



RIO parasol.

Moraña is located in south-west Galicia. It is a municipality surrounded by nature and history, including an iconic 16th century manor house. Situated between the coastal plains of the Arousa Estuary and the highlands of the Pontevedra province, this is a place to discover Galician tradition and where you can experience the magic of enchanting locations, such as the Pazo da Buzaca.


The Pazo da Buzaca is an idyllic location for celebrating weddings and events, accompanied by the well-known Michelin star chef Pepe Vieira.  This manor house is surrounded by gardens, trees which are hundreds of years old, and elements typical of traditional Galician stately homes: a dovecot, arbour, chapel, elevated granaries, etc. These more traditional pieces create the perfect contrast with various restructured spaces which have a more modern and elegant feel: for example, the old guard house, or the stables, which have been converted into more contemporary spaces, such as a pool area and the main dining room.  

The outdoor terrace area features the RIO parasols from Ezpeleta, arranged in the shape of a crescent. This distribution perfectly complements the semi-circular shape of the terrace. Moreover, this model integrates extremely well with the natural environment that surrounds the Pazo da Buzaca. 

To achieve an elegant and neutral environment that is in keeping with the usual décor for the events hosted by the manor, the large format RIO parasol was chosen in the colour anthracite, both for the fabric and the structure. In this way, visual coherence was created with the external finishes of the main dining room, as well as by providing a contrast with the terrace floor, which is a lighter colour. These parasols were also chosen for their functionality and convenience when in use, as due to their large size, it is possible to cover a large outdoor area with a small number of parasols