Casa Rural Abuelo de Arcos, Pontevedra

Sillas de Ezpeleta en Casa Rural Abuelo de Arcos.
Mesas de Ezpeleta en Casa Rural Abuelo de Arcos.

Casa Rural Abuelo de Arcos, Pontevedra

Arcos, Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain.


This idyllic accommodation is nestled in the heart of the Rias Baixas, specifically in Arcos, Pontevedra. This destination, near to Cambados and between the Arousa Ria and the Pontevedra Ria, is characterised for being surrounded by nature and tranquillity. It is the perfect place to switch off and relax with your partner or friends and discover a unique natural paradise.

The Casa Rural Abuelo de Arcos is a family project that was inspired by the grandfather of the family. It is a large country house, with a large estate, winery, a wine press where they make their own wine, an outdoor pool, charmingly decorated bedrooms and even house ovens where they once cooked artisan bread.

This project was undertaken by our distributor and was completed using Ezpeleta furniture which tied in perfectly with the surroundings. At all times, they were looking for harmonious combinations that were consistent with the values of this country house: tradition, closeness and nature. This was the case for the outdoor space, which was furnished with Ezpeleta furniture. The covered upper terrace of the house is an area from which you can enjoy the views while enjoying delicious dishes from the menu. 

Mesas y sillas de Ezpeleta en Casa Rural Abuelo de Arcos.

This terrace was furnished with a set of tables from the QUATRO FOLD collection in taupe, to reflect the earthy  tones of the stone-built house, with an oak tabletop whose wood reflects the surrounding trees. To complete these tables, the HOP chair with the herringbone relief on the backrest was chosen, to add a more natural touch to the outdoor space. 

This model was also chosen in olive green to add some colour and to create harmony with the surroundings. The union between this furniture and the tableware, light, sound, smells... creates a fully functional yet relaxing space for holidaymakers who are looking for a few days of complete relaxation at the Casa Rural Abuelo de Arcos.