Villa La Calliandra. Guadalupe

The project

Villa La Calliandra. Guadalupe




 FADO chair, VILA sun lounger.

La Calliandra is an amazing luxury villa located in Guadalupe, an archipelago in the Caribbean which forms part of the Antilles. This exclusive accommodation is situated by the sea, on an imposing cliff from where exquisite views of the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea can be enjoyed. It provides a perfect opportunity for enjoying the most spectacular coast, with its ideal temperature and unique amenities.


Located in this French overseas territory, La Calliandra will delight with its fantastic views to the nearby islands of Marie-Galante and Les Saintes. This villa is the perfect combination of coast, forest and the balance between architecture and décor. It has 4 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a lounge which opens up to the outside area and an enormous pool overlooking the sea. It is the perfect environment for a relaxing holiday to get away from it all.  

The project was carried out by our client Claire Ambiance, who chose the Ezpeleta furniture range which best adapts to the surroundings, creating an idyllic space in which the Caribbean tones integrate perfectly with the Ezpeleta colours and shapes.  

The FADO chair in aquamarine and sand was chosen for the interior of Villa Calliandra as the light tones combine well with the coastal landscape in which the accommodation is located. This blue tone gives the interior a touch of life and luminosity, which makes it feel more translucent.

For the pool area, the option chosen was the VILA sun lounger in a taupe colour, which offers the required level of comfort for a villa of this character. All this creates a combination of shapes and colours that integrate marvellously with the architecture of the house and the surrounding landscape. 

Functionality and relaxation at the service of the traveller. That is Villa La Calliandra.