Terrace at La Mestiza in Vigo, Galicia


The project

Terrace at La Mestiza in Vigo, Galicia

Vigo, Galicia, Spain.


In the heart of Vigo, near to the port, we find the spectacular La Alameda park, a botanical garden nestled among hundred-year-old trees and seasonal flowers. Beside it, there are iconic buildings of the olive city, as well as restaurant and terraces, which exude nature, life and urban design. Spaces in which you can enjoy a pleasant time in the heart of the city.


This is the setting of La Mestiza restaurant, a place to enjoy traditional yet modern cuisine, whose dishes boast culinary influences from all over the world. This restaurant has a terrace and interior space, where customers will find comfort and elegance in idyllic surroundings. This is particularly the case at Christmas when the park is adorned with lights and Christmas stalls.

Alongside our distributor, Ezpeleta had the opportunity to furnish this wonderful establishment, adding a relaxing and charming touch under the vegetation of La Alameda. To do this, we selected furniture based on elegance and functionality, in order to take maximum advantage of the outdoor space. Brown and earthy tones were chosen, which combine perfectly with the natural environment of the park.


With this in mind, the terrace at La Mestiza consists of sets of MEET tables and ROD chairs, laid out under our FLEXO parasols, with a white lacquered aluminium structure and olefin fabric in a taupe colour. 

Firstly, the MEET table was chosen for this project because of the simplicity of its joining mechanism, using cast aluminium elbow joints, and because of its height adjuster. This makes it a highly functional and practical model, ideal for terraces with a large number of customers and uneven floors. This terrace was also completed with another table model: the QUATRO FOLD. This created a dynamic, comfortable and practical space without losing the natural aesthetic offered by the taupe colour of both tables.  

Secondly, the ROD chair was chosen in taupe to create a warm space where the furniture blends with the surroundings. The fusion of the 100% recyclable materials of this chair, with an aluminium structure and polypropylene seat, result in a lightweight and comfortable chair model. 

In addition to the ROD chair, this terrace was enclosed by a space with an “urban chic” theme, with our ATTIC stool in a taupe colour, and finished with some white tables. This stool model is ideal for creating terraces with personality and character.

Lastly, the advantages of the FLEXO parasol were taken into account to make the most of the space on the terrace, since it is a model with a side base. This is a large parasol, with clean and simple lines and made in Portugal with 100% recyclable olefin fabric. Additionally, it provides safety and comfort to customers as it incorporates a new anti-wind system, it can be rotated 360º and has UPF80+ protection, which guarantees protection to the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.