SLS Cancún Hotel & Spa Project


The project

SLS Cancún Hotel & Spa Project

Cancún, México


One of Mexico's most popular tourist destinations is Cancun, a stunning place with beaches of fine white sand, turquoise blue waters and spectacular coral reefs.


Cancun offers a wide range of activities which makes it a paradise for lovers of nature and adventure There, you will be able to enjoy the sea and take part in any of the multiple water activities on offer, including kayaking, snorkelling... At the same time, it is also the perfect destination for cultural visits such as the Mayan Museum of Cancun, which is home to one of the country's most significant archaeological collections of Mayan culture.

This idyllic spot is full of extraordinary hotels and accommodation where you can enjoy yourself and relax at the same time. One of them is the new SLS Cancún Hotel & Spa, situated in the gated community of Novo Cancun and boasts a private beach club, golf course, private leisure port, cinemas, restaurants and several shops and boutiques. 

For added comfort, exclusivity and personality, Ezpeleta products were chosen for this hotel, all in a taupe colour. This fabulous colour was chosen because it was the one that best blended the furniture with the idyllic surroundings in which SLS Cancun is situated. 

The area chosen to accommodate Ezpeleta’s products was the private beach belonging to the hotel. A particularly spacious area with our Vila sun loungers and Eolo parasols nicely spread out. On the one hand, the VILA sun lounger was chosen with the side table and the AQUA Cushion, with the main goal of offering customers all of the comforts possible while they relax on the beach. In addition, the colour chosen was taupe, combining it with the earthy colours of the nature surrounding it. 

To enhance the space and make it more comfortable, the VILA sun lounger is accompanied by the AQUA Cushion, manufactured using special materials which, in addition to comfort, enable the water to drain off and dry quickly.

For this area of relaxation, the EOLO PURETI parasol was chosen, also in taupe. A sustainable and functional option for a place in which nature plays a key role.

With all of these items from Ezpeleta, the SLS Cancún Hotel & Spa fuses the beauty of the surroundings with the calm and serenity of the materials our products are made of.  It offers different alternatives for its customers’ relaxation, where premium quality furniture reflects the elements of the surroundings. 

Without a doubt, the soft tones that prevail in the surroundings elevate the design of the materials of our products, ensuring a peaceful and idyllic atmosphere dominates the space.