Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Mediterranean-style décor, the key for this summer

If you are looking for a decorative style that conveys the feeling of calm and relaxation, typical in places like Ibiza or Santorini, the Mediterranean style will dominate your outdoor spaces this summer.

This trend in décor is mainly characterised for the use of natural materials, a neutral and blue colour palette, organic shapes, brightness and minimalism.

In this blog post, we tell you the characteristics of the Mediterranean style and the Ezpeleta furniture that will help you to convey its essence. Keep reading!

Colours and textures of the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean style is inspired by the cultural influences of the Mediterranean coastal area: from Spain, to the south of France, Italy, Greece and even Turkey and Morocco.

“Mediterranean-style” décor has an extremely characteristic colour palette, which is based on earthy tones, whites and nude. Light colours are used mostly because they reflect the light and this decorative style seeks to be as bright as possible. Blue is also a must-have in a space that evokes the Greek islands of the Italian coast. This combination of colours will create a relaxed atmosphere in your outdoor space.


Usually, hints of more striking tones are also added, like green, which creates a more natural and cool atmosphere. On the other hand, orange and reddish tones generate a warmer and cosier feeling.

This decorative style is characterised for the use of natural textures and materials, such as wood, ceramic or wicker, which add an authentic and rustic touch. Moreover, they are resistant to the sun and humidity, which is essential on the Mediterranean coast. This style is also characterised for its organic and round shapes in furniture and décor. These shapes help to create a more relaxed and natural atmosphere.

Minimalism in Mediterranean-style décor

Minimalism forms part of the Mediterranean style, since spaces with this type of décor generate a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. In relation to this aspect, remember to keep your space tidy and clean, to prevent visual noise.


Although minimalism forms part of this style, you shouldn’t forget to include decorative elements, like plants or vases. Remember that minimalism doesn't mean the space should be empty. Try not to overload your space, but carefully choose the decorative elements that will form part of it. Natural décor, like plants, flowers and twigs, will add vitality. Ceramic decorations or pictures are also an original way of adding life and personality to your outdoor space.

Ezpeleta tables and chairs with a Mediterranean style for your terrace

If you have been won over by the Mediterranean style, we recommend some Ezpeleta products that will ensure your customers travel to the Greek islands on your terrace this summer.

In terms of chairs, the most suitable Ezpeleta models for this style are PARK and FADO. Two models with different personalities, but with round shapes and a plethora of colours, which can help you to achieve this style on your terrace. On the one hand, PARK is available in 5 colours, including white, olive green and an ocean blue colour, characteristic of this decorative style. On the other hand, the FADO chair, with a unique curved design, is available in 8 colours. These include the neutral sand colour and other striking colours, like olive green, aquamarine or mustard.


In terms of tables, the MEET, QUATRO and MONACO models are perfect for achieving this setting. The QUATRO model is available in different shapes and sizes and enables multiple personalisation options. You can combine different colours in the structure and tabletop, with natural patterns that imitate wood. The MEET model, also available in various colours and patterns, is ideal for simple spaces, without foregoing practicality. Finally, the MONACO table exudes the elegance and simplicity which is typical of this decorative style.

Other Ezpeleta products with a Mediterranean style

In addition to tables and chairs, you will need to create some shade on your terrace. This is vital on the Mediterranean coast due to the sun and high temperatures. To help you achieve that, you can use parasols, like our TOSCANA model, with a purely Mediterranean essence. In the same way, our MANILA parasol, made with strips of raffia and with UPF50+ solar protection, is the perfect product to emulate this type of décor.



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