Wednesday, 19 Apr 2023

5 tips for looking after terrace furniture

Terraces regain their importance with the arrival of spring and the good weather. That’s why it’s time to pay special attention to looking after your terrace furniture, to extend its useful life and to avoid having to replace it frequently. 

In this blog post, we provide you with 5 tips for looking after your terrace furniture to keep it looking like new for much longer. 

Carry out regular cleaning with the appropriate products

Carrying out appropriate cleaning of your terrace furniture is possibly the most important step.  

Deep cleaning furniture at least once a month is highly recommended when it is not in use, and at least twice a month when in frequent use. It is also important to do a simple clean each day, such as wiping it down with a damp cloth.  

Apart from the frequency of cleaning, you also need to pay attention to the products being used. To choose the ideal products for your furniture you should keep in mind the materials that your furniture is made of. For example, Ezpeleta’s polypropylene furniture can be cleaned with water and a mild soap, or water and bicarbonate of soda or white vinegar for difficult stains.

Protect your terrace furniture from the rain

Although terrace furniture is designed to withstand the outdoor weather, exposing it to rain and other poor weather throughout the year may damage it. To avoid furniture deteriorating, cover it with protective covers or tarpaulins when not in use.  

To make this job even easier, you could opt for stackable furniture such as the Ezpeleta tables and chairs. This way, you can store them and redistribute them more quickly and easily when they are required.  

Protect your furniture with parasols

If you can’t avoid direct exposure to the sun, using the Ezpeleta parasols is a good choice for protecting the furniture without having to forego an attractive design. 

Ezpeleta parasols have a high resistance to sunlight as they are made with OLEFIN fabric. In our catalogue, you will find the model that is best suited to your terrace. For example, our MANILA parasol is perfect for smaller terraces near the coast, while other models, such as the RIO or the FORMENTERA are perfect for larger terraces.  

Store your terrace furniture appropriately

During autumn and winter, terrace furniture is used much less frequently. As we mentioned previously, to store furniture conveniently and to save space, ideally your furniture to be stackable. 

Storing furniture clean and dry in a warm and damp-free  place is highly recommended, as well as protecting it from outdoors and using protective covers and  tarpaulins.

Storing furniture clean and dry in a warm and damp-free  place is highly recommended, as well as protecting it from outdoors and using protective covers and  tarpaulins.

If the furniture is large or difficult to move and store indoors, choose products that are stackable, such as Ezpeleta’s VILA or LAGO loungers, as they will be much more convenient to store. Also opt for rain and UV resistant covers and, if possible, prevent them being in direct contact with the floor, as dampness can make them deteriorate more quickly. 

Look after the decorations and the fabrics

The details are also very important. In addition to the terrace furniture, don’t forget to keep all the fabrics that go with them in good condition. Pads, cushions and other fabric products spend a long time outdoors and can be damaged by the sun or rain. To prevent this from happening, choose fabrics that are UV-resistant and, if possible, that are waterproof.  

At Ezpeleta, we aim to make looking after our terrace furniture as easy as possible so that it doesn’t take up your work time or become a tedious chore.  That is why all our furniture is easy to clean and disinfect, and why we have a wide range of stackable products.

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