Monday, 19 Dec 2022

Outdoor spaces: 2023 trends

2023 is just around the corner and there are many new trends that are coming into play in relation to décor and furniture for outdoor spaces. In this blog post, we will cover the most interesting ones, so all your projects adapt to the new consumer tastes.  

Here at Ezpeleta, we always keep up with the latest trends, so that we can apply them to our products and, subsequently, to the projects that use our furniture. We are committed to innovation in sustainability, in fabrics, in materials and in design, leading to modern and state-of-the-art products. 

If you would like to know about the factors that help you to create attractive outdoor spaces with the latest décor and furniture, keep reading this article.

Intense colours for your outdoor spaces

Deep and intense tones like reds, terracotta, taupe or browns are essential for outdoor spaces in 2023. Earthy colours are the leading lights of the sector and will be the preferred palette for interior design next year. These colours exude warmth and turn any space into a charming and comfortable setting.

Moreover, it is possible to create truly interesting contrasts with these tones. By combining light colours, like beige or white, with darker tones, such as olive green or dark blue, you can create a setting that has vibrancy and personality. A crucial aspect for outdoor spaces that are looking to attract attention is to break with monotony. That’s why Ezpeleta has colours with these characteristics, such as terracotta, olive green, taupe or brick.

Round shapes are gaining a foothold

One of the most significant interior and exterior design trends in recent years is the use of round shapes. In 2023, this will become a key aspect of project design. You will see curves, round shapes, semi-circular arches, and no corners. In other words, the round tables, like our QUATRO FIX and KOS models, and tables with organic shapes, like our HOP , ROD or BAKE models, will be the highlight of all outdoor spaces. 

These shapes reflect comfort and elegance at the same time and, if you accompany them with round decorative items, such as candles or vases, you will achieve a space that is very pleasing to the eye.

Sustainable Materials to furnish your terrace

Sustainability continues to be one of the rising trends and will continue to be even more prominent in 2023.  One of the premises in decorating outdoor spaces in recent years has been that they contribute to being more environmentally-friendly. Hence, most of Ezpeleta’s products are 100% recyclable, in addition to being produced in our factory in Vila Nova de Cerveira, thereby committing to local, 0KM production.

Materials like wood, rattan or natural stone will become more widely used to achieve a setting that exudes a natural feel. In the same way, hand-crafted decorative elements made with recycled materials will add an eco-friendly and sustainable touch to your terrace.

Textiles take the limelight in outdoor spaces

Together with soft and smooth fabrics, new textures emerge that will completely transform your outdoor space. Patterned curtains, wallpaper and tablecloths are all making a comeback. Floral and geometric designs are arriving in full force in 2023 to add life and vibrancy. 

Here at Ezpeleta, we have a variety of products in which the fabric plays an important role, like our TOWN PAD and ROD PAD chairs, which are upholstered for greater comfort and practicality. Fabric is also an aspect to bear in mind when it comes to choosing between our parasols. For example, our FORMENTERA and VIGO models are made with OLEFIN fabric. 

Follow these trends to achieve a modern and beautiful outdoor space.


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