Monday, 24 Oct 2022

Discover the SIENA space dividers for your terrace

All terraces or gardens need space dividers to offer their customers a private setting. That’s why, here at Ezpeleta, we make space dividers of the highest quality and in different shapes and colours, to provide your space with the peace and quiet your customers need.

This type of furniture will make the difference to your terrace and will be more successful at drawing your customers’ attention. Space dividers create a sense of privacy that completes the design of your outdoor space, while they protect the rest of your furniture and your customers from the rain, wind and even noise. 

In this blog post, we show you the main characteristics of our SIENA model, available in different colours and sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your venue.

What is our SIENA model like?

The SIENA modular system from Ezpeleta will decorate your terrace with elegance and design, making it more secure, functional and personal. It can be customised and comes in different sizes, colours and finishes. In addition, it is lightweight, easy to wash and boasts wheels so it can be moved around, which will help you to save money and effort each day. 

The SIENA terrace space dividers are formed by a lacquered and anodised aluminium structure and a screen made in two different materials: Olefin fabric with PVC screen and methacrylate. This Olefin fabric offers excellent resistance to sunlight and, since it is opaque, it offers more privacy, with a transparent PVC screen to allow the light to pass through it. It is water repellent, stain resistant and 100% recyclable.

Finally, you can add a more decorative touch to your space divider if you choose the option with a planter, both in the MINI and MAXI models. This type of accessory will turn your terrace into an attractive outdoor space that stands out from other terraces. 

If you would like to know more about Ezpeleta’s SIENA space dividers, you just need to complete the form on our website and we will send you the full product data sheet to your email address. 

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