This year Ezpeleta presents its new collection of GREEN cushions in four solid colours: TURQUOISE BLUE, LIME GREEN, CORAL ORANGE and SAND. They are made of 100% polypropylene fabric and stuffed with 100% polyester fibrefill, very suitable materials for outdoor use because of their high resistance, easy maintenance and excellent protection against degradation by sunlight. HIGH RESISTANCE OF COLOURS TO ...


Pergolas Pergolas IBIZA and NOVA, with simple and modern lines designed to keep the sun providing a warm and soft shadow. They consist of a folding aluminum structure, lacquered in white or black, assembled by high resistance polyamide union curves and stainless steel screws, also lacquered. They have different collection systems, IBIZA's tilting and NOVA's folding; the latter can protect ...

Daybed Ibiza

Daybed Ibiza The daybed Ibiza consists of a folding aluminum structure, lacquered in white, assembled by high resistance polyamide union curves and stainless steel screws, also lacquered. The upper canopy is made with Dralon®, a fabric particularly suitable for outdoor uses because of its long durability and resistance. The nautical fabric mattress (easy to clean) and the accessory for curtains ...


The Nautic fabrics main characteristic is they are waterproof and its composition is PVC with a small part of polyester. They also prevente microorganism and fungal growth while it eliminates bad odour and premature deterioration.


Cushions from Ezpeleta's AQUA series have been made with technical fabrics composed with opened cells and special foams which allow the water to drain so the cushion dry by itself in contact with open air. Parasols of AQUA series are made with a fabric presenting similar features but with an opacity slightly higher, to provide the wished shade an allow ...


Dralon Durability + Easy maintenance + Comfort Cushions and parasols collection with Dralon fabric is an ideal foundation to create elegant and classic concepts with fresh and current subtle air. Properties of Dralon® made it the best choice to create quality outdoor atmospheres. Dralon® is a 100% acrylic fiber resistant against rubbing and UV radiation.


Natur Comfort + Softness + Design Natural fabrics, 100% cotton, along with the special methods of production, give optimal softness and comfort to outdoor spaces.


Sol/Beach SOL collection, up-to-date and colourful, is the best choice to less formal environments. The cushions collection, with its various designs and formats, is completed with a wide range of parasols for beach and garden.


Hall, Park and Town Chairs Hall, Park and Town are stackable, lightweight and made of fiberglass reinforced polypropylene, which provides high impact resistance. Available with or without arms, they have a design of simple lines that accommodates decoration of both outdoor and indoor spaces.